Best Internet Subscription For All Smart Phones February 2014

I love reviewing the best suitable data plan at the moment
most especially on smart phones and tablet/pc. Internet surfing is sweet when
affordable subscription is made available on all platform. Despite the fact that
we have been clamoring for Android Internet Subscription plan and most telecom
company seems to turn deaf hears to it, doesn’t mean Android users can’t find
their way around; unlike Blackberry users with easy monthly subscription.

I was going through our beloveth telecoms website to see if
I’ll notice another plan suitable for all platform and this is what I
discovered below;
Etisalat: Etisalat has been one of the fastest networks
around but with high data plan. Some couple of month ago when we all enjoyed
magic sim on eti and we’re even able to use their cheap bis plan on 1k for 3Gig
on all device until a Malaysian hacker was sent to block it. However, If you
are not much of a data user and their network is perfect in your location, Etisalat
200MB goes for 1500.
Glo: Recently Glo launched a new package that works on all
platform allowing you to get twice of what you subscribed for which is  1.6GB for 
#2,000. Though it’s reasonable for some people and to some they consider
it as too costly. However, if you have strong glo network in your location, you
can go for it. To subscribe for this plan, send “55” via an SMS to 127.
Mtn: I can’t really say much about Mtn network but the only
plan I’ll advice you go for at the moment is their night plan which gives you
4.5GB to use for a month at the rate of #2,500. It currently works during the
day time pending till when you exhaust the 1.5GB on it. To subscribe for this
plan, text 102 to 131.
Airtel: This has always been my favorite network all time.
No network blackberry subscription currently works on non bb device except
airtel. It allows you to have 2GB for #1,500 or 1GB for #1,000. This bis plan
currently works on all devices, including java/symbian phones.
Still waiting for more plan to be lunched and more loopholes
to be discovered so that surfing can be more cheaper for all platform.
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21 thoughts on “Best Internet Subscription For All Smart Phones February 2014”

  1. Though the Glo 1.6GB for 2,000 is good, i don't recommend guys to go for that prof.
    Seems like that Mtn Mid-night plan is a little bit cool, but what would you say about time..

    For now, i still recommend airtel for my blog readers…
    Kudos prof, you are really doing a great jod here…

    • Codedtinz, good morning.
      Just like they said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, thesame thing is applicable to internet subscription. In some places, Airtel network is terribly bad while mtn might be good or otherwise. In places like that, an alternative has to be provided by choosing other plans.

      And their are some fellows who just fell in love with glo plan while some Mtn night plan. I only use mtn night plan if i want to download. Thanks for stopping bye… Will visit your blog!

  2. It's painful to note that in Nigeria, a GSM ISP will not let you have control over your data.
    Why will I pay N1000 for Etisalat blckberry and get my 3gb and not be able to share it via Hotspot as I wish. I should have control over my daid data and not Etisalat determine how I use my data. For crying out loud, I have paid for it and should have control over it. I think it is time we in Nigeria begin to engage the courts so we have our rights not being trampled upon by these foreigners.

    • Well said bro. I was just lookiing at my 3GB on my eti sim last month, can't use it, cant stream with it.. what a total waste.

  3. Pls yomi, can u recommend an internet subscription dat offer btw 200 n 300mb and its relatively cheap evn if its for a week. I jus want to use it to update msse anti v

  4. AIRTEL has an unstable reception in my area, i"ll hav to fast n pray before i see anytn higher than 2G, my phone is a 4G phone so i dont even bother, im using the glo 1.6gb plan and so far so good, a lil expensive tho, might b forced to manage airtel next month

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