Why Don’t You Turn Your Airtel Sim To Magic Sim With This

Thank God for the advent of PayPal in Nigeria, it’s now do
it yourself way of upgrading any vpn. For over the past few weeks, Airtel has
been surprising us with various ways of lay low free browsing even the Symbian and
Java users are not left out in this.

But something seems to draw my attention to this, it’s been
on for quite some time now and I just actually want to verify how long it’s
going to last before bringing it to the open even though some people has been
enjoying it earlier than this. I’m pretty sure you are all aware that Airtel offers One Month unlimited Whatsapp for just #100… and not too many people have
actually tried this package.
I want to call this package the most amazing package ever
that is capable of turning your sim into a magic sim. Instead of codedly
investing your #1,500 for monthly Airtel Bis subscription, why not just take a deep
breath, seat on a rolling chair and crack your sim but don’t break it.
This is how it work
 Airtel Whatsapp Unlimited Package, it’s supposed to power only your whatsapp but it powers your
BBM, whatsapp, and even your operamini browser. Those who love to download,
just make sure you get a good opera mini browser you can use to download. In
short, try all the browsers you have on your phone.
Will It Work On My Device?
Yes it will work an any device that currently support opera
mini and bbm; meaning Android, iPhone, Nokia, Window phones etc.
How Can I Get This Package
To activate Whatsapp Monthly, dial *948# and #100 will be deducted from your account.
Don’t wait
to be told, join the train before it will be too late.

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17 thoughts on “Why Don’t You Turn Your Airtel Sim To Magic Sim With This”

  1. That is true. l used it for 3months nw. There is no prblm at all. But l am nt sure if Nokia cn enjoy it. cos sme times wont wrk.

  2. HOW TO GET 140MB. oN YOUR AIRTEL SIM NOWFollow the below steps…
    STEP 1 Recharge #100naira on your airtel
    sim card.
    STEP 2 Send SOCIALDAY to 440 or 4403. You
    will get an off-point message saying“Your last
    call was 0.0kobo”hahahahaa imagine you
    sending a message and getting a call alert???
    # lol
    STEP 3 Keep resending and repeating
    STEP 4 until your #100 naira airtime is
    Now go check your MB with*123*10#you will
    notice you already got140MB.
    This trick has been tested and confirmed
    working fine on all airtel sim cards either new
    or old


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