Updated – Quick Solutions to Infinix Hot2 & Hot Note Top Problems

I’ve been able to deduce lots of problem and solutions from the Infinix hot2 and Infinix hot note complain thread and I discovered that the listed questions are more paramount to a newly or existing Infinix hot 2 users.

It’s important to note that Android One interface is different from normal android interface therefore you do not expect the same functionality like coming with a default music player, video play, file manager etc.

It’s also important to note that if you don’t set up your gmail on Infinix hot2, you’ll only do less from that device, therefore it is compulsory you set it up.

==>Infinix Hot 2  always show error whenever I try to install OTA upgrade.

Sol: It always shows error, because you have rooted your device,  do this;
Reload your OS using this link and SP Flashtool. The new OS is more easier and beautiful than than the stock OS.

==>For Hot note & Pro Users Having error installing OTA upgrade, do this;
The problem is with the xui android lollipop ROM considering the fact that it is still on beta level. Hence, the only solution will be forcing the update via recovery…
–Boot your Infinix hot note phone into recovery by turning off the phone and then, press and hold volume + and power button together till the device turns on
–Press and hold the volume up + power button again and you should be fully booted into the recovery menu.
–Use the volume buttons to Apply update from cache>>>Select System_Update and choose update.zip
–Wait until you get installation from cache complete, reboot system and you are good to go.

==>I Can’t watch videos on my infinix hot2
Sol: Go to playstore, download Mx player/vlc player or shuttle around quick pic

==>How Can I assign custom song as ring tones?
Sol: First download Es Explorer from Google Play, then go to settings>sound & notification>Phone ringtone>select the song through ES File Explorer and the song will become your ringing tone.

==>Infinx hot2 doesn’t have HSDPA: Alot of infinx hot2 users believe this lies because it shows 3G doesn’t mean it doesn’t have HSDPA.
Sol: Go to Setting >>> About section, and you’ll clearly see where it is shown. The phone has HSDPA. But if you need to be able to see it reflected as an icon in your status bar, you can explore more by rooting your device, install Xposed Framework and Gravity Box, then set it up to write H+ on the status bar.

==>Infinix hot2 doesn’t have File manager
Sol: go to playstore and download ES file explorer and you are good to go.

==>My infinix hot2 battery run down easily
Sol: It run down easily even though the battery capacity is not large but some background apps are draining your battery.
Always log off facebook application if not it will drain your battery. Hybernate application your are not using by installing greenify from Playstore.

==>How can I snap screenshot wit my hot2
Sol: hold volume down key and power key together for about 3 seconds until screenshot is taken. 


this list will  be updated as more issues arises.

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  1. This really helps, but the problem for infinix hot note for lollipop is that, autoproxy refused working, so and proxy Droid is connected but not working also, and minimizing issued is complicated, pls OTA Update should do something about this, I have already kick back to kikat for beta using, tnkiu

  2. Prof what do you think Psiphon vs TweakwareVPN in times of speed & steady online…Well to me I think Tweakware beats Psiphon ooO

  3. Good day Prof.. I am using a Hot note running on lollipop(sp flashtool).. I received an Ota update, i unrooted my phone, downloaded the update and installed it normally causing my phone not to start up, it kept rebooting itself into recovery mode if i tried to put it on… Now i saw this post and i tried installing the update.zip file through recovery but it said "installation aborted (status 7)"..Should i find a way around it or i should not go ahead with installing the update..

  4. Good day Prof please avail me a link where I can download the stock rom for infinix joypad 8s x801. The tablet has been soft bricked and would not boot beyond the infinix logo till the battery drains

  5. Morning My Prof. Sir I have been experiencing some issues with my INFINIX hot, prompting massages, that "unfortunately, Adobe fair has stopped" or "unfortunately, measure has stopped" hope that is not a bike sir? It can appear 5 time in ten seconds. I can read straight with that disturbance.

  6. Morning My Prof. Sir I have been experiencing some issues with my INFINIX hot prompting massages, that "unfortunately, Adobe fair has stopped" or "unfortunately, measure has stopped" hope that is not a blik? it can appear 5 time in ten seconds. I can read straight with that disturbance.
    Solution pls.

  7. Please sir, my problem is on how to delete files stored on my Infinix hot2 internal storage. It doesn't delete even if I try it a hundred times, please help

  8. pls, when ever i try configuring my pop Account on my infinx 510X it usually give me an error message that reads " could not open connection to server, please how can i solve this problem. The phone is internet ready. Thanks

  9. My phone is fine till whenever I want to share a Facebook post, then it would go crazy, telling me things like Facebook is no more responding, Android is no more responding, then it would freeze. How do I resolve this problem because I don't like Puffin for Facebook or using Facebook on chrome.

  10. Prof i used kingroot to root my hot note/lollipop.. Nd i still knw dat infinix will stil push out some ota update to fix some bugs, so prof wen dis update comes i wil just unroot my phone and do a factory reset b4 updating…. Hope it will not brick my phone??

    • Hello Taiye, you are not the only one facing this OTG issue, its the recent upgrade. Wait for the next release of upgrade, it will fix that. But not detecting on pc is strange. do you have the phone drivers installed on your pc?

    • Hello Adio, its pretty simple, Follow the instructions below.

      1. Plunge this drive or memory card to a computer. (Of course, you should use a card Reader to connect your memory card.)
      2. Click “Start” on the taskbar to open “Run” and type in “regedit”.
      3. Hit “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE” to expand “System”.
      4. Find “Current Control Set” in “System” list to click “Control”.
      5. Check whether there is a key named “Storage Device Policies” to change the digit in the “DWORD value” box into "0" and press “OK”.

      But, if you cannot find the key named “Storage Device Policies”, you are supposed to create one: right click “Control” to create a new key and name it as “Storage Device Policies”=> right click this new key to open “DWORD Value” and name it as “write protect”=> Double click it to change number

    • I did tried this method and d tutorial I read said I should reboot the PC after d whole process. But it didn't work,because d system didn't restart so I have to shut it down with button. Still d Sdcard didn't format. Help what should I do?

  11. Sir my infinix hot note just stooped connecting to my office Wi-Fi and it has been confirmed to be an issue peculiar to only my phone .and I have not done any system upgrade .so what coul be causing this

  12. Hi Mr Yomi…. I can't access my fone on my Windows 7 PC…d fone is infinix hot note and has android lollipop on it (XUI) I av turned on d USB debugging mode and all…. Wat do I nid 2 do hia, sir?

  13. Hi Prof, I have been buying chargers for my hot note Pro, this the last straw nothing seems to be working anymore. Could be my fone that has the issue, my phone takes like 5hrs to be 10o percent

  14. hello. a little amount of water spilled on my infinix hot note but I thought it was nothing since it continued working but after a while it jut went off and has refused to come on. I thought the battery was dead so I tried charging it. I think its charging but it doesn't come on, it just keeps blinking the charge sign. help me please

    • hello Daniella,
      Water is still inside your smartphone that is why its blinking

      Remove your battery and open the smartphone and put it under the sun for some time and then couple it back then power it on.

      This should fix it.


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