You Can Now Record 30 Sec Voice or Video Message on Google Duo

Even though some of you have not been using Google duo for a
very long term now, the app is basking and growing stronger. 

The latest version of the app now let you record a 30-second
voice or video in case the person whom you are trying to call isn’t available
to take a call.
You can now record a small video clip in case the
person you’re calling declines or misses your call. Once you are done recording
the video or voice, you can directly send it to your friend or family member,
who will receive the mail on their Duo app. 
To play a video message you’ve received from someone, you
need to simply tap their contact icon. The receiver can then call the person
back after watching the video by tapping “call now” button.
The video gets deleted automatically within 24hours, after
watching it the first time. It has started rolling out to iOS and Android
When last did you use Google Duo app?
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17 thoughts on “You Can Now Record 30 Sec Voice or Video Message on Google Duo”

  1. This bloatware came with my phone but no way to uninstalling it. Maybe this update is to encourage pple to embrace Duos but there are a lot of functioning alternatives out there


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