How to Fund Your SwissCoin Account

In the word of the wise, Becoming rich is hard… Staying broke is hard. Choose your hard! The other day we talked about SwissCoin which was globally launched July 2nd, 2016 and global trading will begin February 2017.

Unfortunately, some of you who wish to be part of this cryptocurrency movement have not been able to fund your account due to the platform provided. In some couples of week, some other funding methods will be available without stress.

Meanwhile, a 4minutes video has been uploaded on how to fund your account after which you can wait expectantly for the minning process to begin. Split indicator is already at 84% the earlier you dive in the better.
Remember that there is different between savings and investment. This is a life time investment opportunity and I don’t want you to miss out.
To those who don’t know anything about SwissCoin, you can check the full details here. Feel free to ask your questions.
If you’ve registered but has not been added to the Global SwissCoin Investors Forum, kindly drop your number (Note: Only for registered Members who understand what SwissCoin in all about).

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68 thoughts on “How to Fund Your SwissCoin Account”

    • Hello Hamza, is this the number you are using on whatsapp? i can't find you on whasapp. Can you drop the number you use to reg on whatsapp

  1. I keep saying this….. Being Poor is Not Hard!!!! I don't like that quote…..

    Commenting from the top bloggers in Nigeria….

  2. To be poor, simply sleep and sleep, chat and chat, eat and eat and blame everybody on what is currently happening to U. Watch out how the outcome of your life will be 5yrs from now.

    Commenting from national association of lazy people

    • Hello Musti, is this the number you used on whatsapp? I can't find you on whatsapp. Kindly provide current number so that you won't miss the presentation by 9PM

  3. Hello everyone, if you've registered but has not been added to the Global SwissCoin Forum on Whatsapp, don't worry, its because the group is currently filled and another one will be created as soon as possible.

    But you can also Join the Global SwissCoin Group on Facebook here

  4. Hello oga Yomi, i tried registring but was telling please enter your verification code at d base it shows confirm your email then "send" i have put my email in d place provided and press send many times no response. My whatsapp no 08145143383

    • I'll add you up on whatsapp, we've complained this to the company and they promise to remove that verification features this morning or before today ends


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