SWIFT 4G LTE is Giving Out Free 200% Extra Data to Subscribers

Those of you using Swift 4G Network, get in here because SWIFT is giving 200% free  bonus on  data usage. You won’t understand what it means to download 5GB file in 30 seconds if you are not using Swift 4G Network.

Swift 4G LTE is currently giving free xtra data package to its subscribers on business plan which is currently tempting for everyone using that network data.
Right now, you can get;
48GB for N12,000,
65GB for N16,000
100GB for N20,000
125GB for N25,000
150GB for N30,000
All you need to do is to renew your subscription and you’ll get 200% extra data free of charge… Offer Valid till 31st of August 2016.
Don’t Miss Out Business owners.
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19 thoughts on “SWIFT 4G LTE is Giving Out Free 200% Extra Data to Subscribers”

  1. @Asapo… To change itel 1503 imei, try this code *#*#83781#*#*. This should take u to engineer mode. down till u see "SET IMEI". IF it doesn't show up then… Nothing.

  2. With the details above and my calculation they are not give you 200% extra, it jus a bit above 100% extra. Though Na night school I go maybe some can correct me sha.

  3. Off topic, permit me please, oga Prof how can I change imei of Lenovo S860 have tried MTK engineering mode not changing it


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