Simple Android Server Premium Cracked – Download Here

Well, it is an undoubted truth that Simple Android Server
has saved more lives than Konga Black Friday. Some couple of days ago I made a
post on the new SAS Premium which you pay N700 monthly and N354 weekly if you
want to enjoy the real premium VPN services. 

But a committed blog reader Miniano Gadafi  drop a comment that “he” was able to crack the
Simple Android Server premium, no need for you to subscribe for any premium SAS
again… but you can use this crack sas on your Android.

The crack version works like charm and I think you need to feel it yourself.

Tell us what you think about this crack version.
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45 thoughts on “Simple Android Server Premium Cracked – Download Here”

    • ==>Create New APN settings On Your Phone As Follows..
      Port: 8080
      Save And Activate it, set ss your default settings.

      Go to simple server and configure the settings:
      ==>Proxy host:
      ==>Proxy Port: 8080
      ==>Injection Method: get
      ==>Injection querry/url:
      ==>Injection Host:
      ==>Injection line: press your enter key 4 times
      ==>Log level: debug

      Close the settings and click the connect button.

    • I tried using the vpn but UT shuts down ie unable to connect but the local server is working so stop deceiving people because this ain't premium version and mind you the latest version is 3.7 and not 3.5

  1. Thanks guys for this update, u have really been helpful. Please Mine is not working. I have tried everything that was written. Am I supposed to use local server or vpn.

  2. Pls people don't criticize someone I did not sleep over night just to Crack and bypass that premium features and u a now saying this is not the latest version. I no 3.5 is not latest version but u have to quickly do it cause some ppl are complaining about the old one the 3.7 will soon be cracked just that developer of simple android server is a great guy in securing his application it is not easy to by pass most aps so be calm ppl complain about vpn not connecting it is working but it will be fixed in the next update thanks for understanding

  3. Please sir help me out. I have I cannot browse with. Simple server since last year December. Today I just downloaded the cracked sas version and psiphon on my samsung note 10.1 buh it's still not working


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