Simple Android Server Goes Premium But Still Rocks With MTN BBLited

For quite some days now, I’ve received lots of complained that MTN Bis no longer works with Simple Android Server which has broken a lot of people’s heart. We all know that it’s been rocking for a very long period of time only that now, the Nnewi developer decided to add some sense to it.

Now SAS goes premium! The new version of SAS version 3.5 had lots of features which includes

3.5.0 ==> add host replacement feature
Fix crashes after running for some minutes on devices
add safe hotsopot to VPN modes
more configuration for VPN
3.1.5 –> bug fixes and smaller apk
3.1.3 –> Fix bug that causes crashes with global proxy on devices
Added Global Proxy for rooted devices. Force every app to pass through the app. Meaning you no longer need third party application to power all your apps as global proxy will do that for you.
Although you have the option for the free version or use premium version which has majority of all the working servers.


How much is Simple Android Server Premium?
₦356.49  weekly and  ₦700 monthly.
This new version works with MTN BBLited but might contain some bugs since it’s newly updated. 
To upgrade to this latest version and get connected back on Mtn BBlited, go to your Google Play store and upgrade.
The question is, now that its has gone
premium, will you still subscribe for this when you still have
alternative like Psiphone, open vpn etc that still works with MTN Bis.

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58 thoughts on “Simple Android Server Goes Premium But Still Rocks With MTN BBLited”

    • Its nufin big..
      If u stil have the 5.1 stock rom that u downloaded. Extract recovery.img and flast it with sp flash tool
      Place it in d roor of ue sd card and flash it with mobile uncle.

    • Thats wat he is saying na. U can stil enjoy it na without paying. Goin premium is if u want yo enjoy stuffs lik d local vpn it. Its just stil d same free simple server abit with added features

    • Unfortunately InnJoo deceived Nigerians tell us that InnJoo Halo is an Mtk device which the build is not in anyway related to mtk.

      I'm not in possession of this device but I'll recommend you try out Camelphone app or Mtk droid tool to change your imei.

  1. I can't oooooo… I'll just keep rocking psiphone on my Galaxy tab. 700 naira per month is too high. Nnewi Zouglas, Odin maka YYYY?

  2. Oga Yomi, I placed one order on the 26th Nov and the 2nd order on the 28th Nov. I received a mail yesterday that the 2nd one has been shipped out. Ok fine. But the one I ordered earlier is still under processing when I checked my orders in gearbest site. Abeg I don't understand what is happening.

    Also, my location is ilesa, i'm not sure if the post office here is functional. But the nearest one is in Ile ife. How are they going to deliver it to me. Help me on this matter please.

  3. Great move by developer but too late. Again to pay for premium you need to use playstore in app purchase which most Nigerians have not activate or even know about.
    Well at least he should earn a lil for his hardwork tho


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