4 Amazing Things You Had No Idea Your iPhone Could Do

First of all, let me start by tendering a heartfelt, mind
buggling, soul touching apology to as many as mailed me but hadn’t gotten any
reply. My week has been so hectic and busy cooking something highly exceptional
for you guys. Don’t lick your lips yet, wait till when I’m done and I bet, you’ll
all love it.

I have resolved to be touching every aspect of tech tutorial
that will be beneficial to almost every device users including Iphone &
Ipad users. The second quarter of the year promise to be great I know it.
Iphone users, by the time you’ll finish reading this simple
but highly exceptional tutorial, you know that you are not only the CEO of your
device but chairman in iTunes market.
This morning I’ll quickly share with you some amazing things
you don’t know about your iphone yet you carry it about everyday.
4 Amazing Things Your Iphone Can Do
==>Do You Know You Can Control Pour Phone With Your Head

There is a special control option
built into it that lets you use tilts of your head to perform various
functions. It’s part of a feature called Switch
, and you can enable it in the Accessibility menu of the iPhone
You can set up a Switch Control
command to notice when you tilt your head to the left or to the right, and use
that movement as input for things like pressing the home button or checking the
notification center. It can also be convenient for controlling your device when
your hands are busy with other tasks.

==>Block Unnecessary Callers
& Messengers:
Perhaps, someone usually bug your line with unnecessary calls
or you normally recieve annoying text messages from a particular uncircumcised philistine when
you are expecting a life changing text message? You can easily block those
annoying communications using your iPhone!
Head into the Phone menu of your
iPhone settings and add any offending numbers to the Blocked list. That’s it!
Now, if the bothersome calls and texts continue, you’ll never hear a beep.

==>Correct Typographical
Errors By Shaking Your Phone
: that’s one thing I love about iPhone, you can
easily control typos by merely shaking your device and it will bring out a prompt
to cancel or undo the typing.

===>Location Based Reminder
Are you the forgetful type that
easily forget important events? Believe it or not, your iPhone can help with
this common occurrence using its Reminders app, one of the most
underutilized iPhone functions.

All you need to do is set up a
Reminder as you normally would — and if you’ve never set up a reminder before,
it takes just a few seconds — and then tap on the information icon that pops
up. From this menu you can activate the location feature, which will use the
iPhone’s GPS to notify you of the reminder whenever you enter or leave a
specific location. It’s like having a personal assistant with you at all times!

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