Free Zone Free Surfing

This package has been in existence since late last year, it’s
a kind of data free surfing but restricted to some pages. It’ is called Freezone and it’s powered by google. It is a data free service powered by google
and it allow you to make searches via google search engine,

connects with your
friends on google+ for free.

To get it rolling, you can use your airtel line
==>First of all, you need 
a google account, so if you don’t have any, register one here

==>Visit on your mobile

==>As long as you see the green bar displaying “free
page” at the top of your screen, you won’t be charged for using Free Zone.
Happy surfing.
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21 thoughts on “Free Zone Free Surfing”

    • @tonykekule, I'll help you. I'm a regular fan on this blog. Just download DC Crap unlocking software. Find ZTE where you have modem names. After that, click on search. When it discovers the modem, just click on unlock. It would unlock the modem. I'm Wilshere

    • Hello Science4me, the mystery behind this mtn night plan can not be easily unravel. However, one of the easiest way to keep it going even during the day time is not to disconnect it after usage in the night. Just keep it connected.

    • Yes bro, airtel 1gb is still rocking and the 2gb plan which goes for 1500 is still working fine. To activate airtel 1gb, just load your sim with 1200 and send BSM to 440 then it will be activated for you.

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