How To Install Nokia X Launcher On Your Android Device

Hello everyone, It is no longer an engaging news that the
new Nokia X comes with an Android Os, long lasting battery life and it’s
amazingly user friendly. To be candid with you, I ran a review on it yesterday
and I love what I saw, feel and experience. To all Android savvy that will like to fill the blaze of
the new Nokia X User Interface, the launcher is now available and I’ll suggest you follow the
simple steps below to get it running on your Android device.

This tutorial is so simple, just carefully
follow me and I bet you won’t be lost.
What You Need?
==>An Android Phone
==>Nokia apk launcher

How Can I Install Nokia X Launcher On My Android?

Step 1.
Download the Nokia X apk Launcher for your android phone here. After download,
Step 2. Run and install it on your device

Step 3.
Once the installation is complete, you should now see the new Nokia X user interface on your android.

God bless the xda developer guy who moded into apk for almost all device to use. One thing i love about this Nokia X launcher is the fact that it allow you to unistall it anything you feel you no longer need it.

To uninstall it, go to
app=>clear data=>force stop=>uninstall. That is it friends!

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17 thoughts on “How To Install Nokia X Launcher On Your Android Device”

  1. Good morning yomi, thanks for the post, I would have mailed you but I don't have your email address so I decided to drop the info here.
    I tried downloading the Nokia Launcher but it wasn't downloading do I did my own research on the Nokia Launcher and found out that the Xda Member that modded this one has updated it from zip file to apk making it easy for every android(except few) to use our without root access.
    This is the download link :

    If after using it and you don't like it, just go to the app=>clear data=>force stop=>uninstall.


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  3. Hello friend, i'll need to send you a dc unlocker client that will unlock ur modem for you. just drop me ur mail or use the contact form to drop your mail

    • Thanks Yomi, i got the dc unlocker, but whats happening is i wanna ask if windows 8 is affecting this dc unlocker. because weneva i insert the airtel zte mf190 to my windows 8 with an alien sim i get a message(enter correct usim), but if i insert into windows 7 i see a box come out that i should enter unlock code.
      And have actually unlocked mtn zte mf190 with this same windows 8 system.

  4. yomi boss pls help me I try rooting my nokia x bt is nt wooking as if the mobile version need network b4 it will work and also the system version is not working it say root permission nt check that I should checkUSB line pls help me


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