With WhatsSpy, Kiss Your WhatsApp Privacy Policy Goodbye

I actually thought whatsapp is secured despite the facts
that Whatsapp added the last seen feature with some other features that will
not allow someone to know if you are online or not. But someone just open their
ass up with a simple developed application.
Whatsspy Public openly dismembered WhatsApp privacy policy
in terms of online status.

Whatsspy Public is a web-oriented
application that tracks every move of whoever you like to follow. This
application is setup as an Proof of Concept that WhatsApp is broken in terms of

It tracks the following properties
of any WhatsApp user:

Online/Offline status (even with
privacy options set to “nobody”)
Profile pictures*
Status messages*
Privacy settings
* only if privacy option is set
to “everyone” (set by default)
It tracks any change of profile
pictures, privacy settings or statuses. This tool provide a simple GUI to view
an timeline of an user or even compare it to an other tracked user.
The privacy options in WhatsApp act like they give you full
control over your status in WhatsApp meanwhile they only affect a very limited
scope. Sure, the “lastseen”, “profile picture” and
“status message” privacy options do work, but probably not as the user intented it to.
By setting the “last seen” privacy option to “nobody” you
think no one can view if you’re online but this is not the case. What is even worse, that these events can be
followed by anyone.
The ability for a complete stranger to
follow your in-app status is pretty creepy and might be abused already. This is
not an “hack” or “exploit” but it’s broken by design.
Well, see how it works here
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9 thoughts on “With WhatsSpy, Kiss Your WhatsApp Privacy Policy Goodbye”

  1. Hi oga mi Prof, pls can you help us with simple server with no configuration for window xp and simple server with which i will use and exhaust my MTNJUMIA free 700mmb cos the one you uploaded the other time couldn't work out for me on my window xp, pls help me.

  2. Prof Yomi. Please how can I change IMEI number of Tecno D5??? I've tried mobile uncle but it keeps giving command not sent. Please I need your help sir. Thank you.

    • it gives command not sent because you are doing it wrongly… Just follow my command below

      AT +EMGR=1,7,"Imei_number"
      then send.

      You'll get AT command sent… rebooth your device and check if your imei was changed. Make sure you space it the way i space mine.

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