How to Enable WhatApp Web on Mozilla Firefox

This is going to be one of my shortest, simplest tutorials…
If you are still still having problem enabling WhatsApp calling features, don’t
worry it will be fix in due cause. I’m rocking my WhatsApp Plus with clause and
Whatsapp web was introduced something last month Jan, 2015
and was only men’t to be available for Chrome users… even though I’m not a fan
of chrome, I just had to manage it functionality. Firefox has always been my
thing because of its simplicity speed. 

But the good news is you can now install whatsapp web on
your Fire fox with a just a simple addon of 8.4kb. 
How Can I Install Whatsapp Client on Mozilla Firefox?

==>Download this Addon with your firefox browser
WhatsApp web Addon
==>Click on add to firefox and Install it
from you Mozilla browser
==>Scan your QR code and your whatsapp web client will be
enable and functioning.
Now I Know that WhatsApp is sweeter on PC computers for fast
typers than on smartphone. Don’t hesitate to ask any question in areas you seem
to be confuse.
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18 thoughts on “How to Enable WhatApp Web on Mozilla Firefox”

  1. Yomi….sir I tweak my infinix hot imei number to phantom z via ur previous link just the way u said…but eti keep telling me "the device imei number is invalid. OK, I followed the procedure on how to get 2gb from Airtel and they said "this offer is not available on this device….i change the imei via mobile uncle the same way i change for glo bis, what should I do sir…pls add me on WhatsApp 09098387034 bbm 52edeb63

  2. I downloaded terminal emulator on mobogenie, then I opened it And granted it root access. Then I type that command correctly, but my whatsapp didn't open by itself. I'm using that version of whatsapp I downloaded from your post yesterday (whatsapp + Reborn + Antiban version )

  3. Prof. Yomi, pls do I need to turn on my phone throughout while on whatsapp web or should disconnect the phone after scanning the code?


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