Best Data Plan To Go For in August 2014

It been a while I reviewed the best data plan for allsmartphones even though some of us are still rocking Glo Bis on our Android and
BB10, some are secretly rocking Mtn free 700MB and 150MB, some other Mtn Night
Plan that works during the day, while some few individual just choose to stick
with Airtel Bis plan. The choice still bounce around which network is fast with
good network reception in your location.

Etisalat BIS: Well, this network Blackberry plan lacks too
much emphasis these days because many people have ported to Glo Bis and Mtn on the
various device. Though normal Etisalat Zap data but not like the abnormal Airtel
Bis. I learn’t you can now convert Etisalat BIS to work on all device; I’ll
post it online when the time is ripe.
But there are trusted Third party agents who sell Etisalat
Data at a cheaper price like Mobiblaze. You can check them out. It also works
on all devices
Glo Bis: Glo is one of my all-time best internet plan at the
moments as it can codedly be tweaked to work with Android MTK devices by merely
tweaking your imei to bb plan. Not only that, the normal blackberry plan
equally works on BB10 as well as giving you the opportunity to top your data
upto 12GB to last you for 4months… Isn’t this unique? The data usage doesn’t
even move at all; meaning that you won’t be able to finish Glo data except you’re
one heavy internet user. I currently recommend this to all Android users and
BB10 users. 
To Subscribe for their package, send Comonth to 777 and to
check your data balance, dial *777*0#
Airtel BIS: Recently, Airtel introduced Android plans which I
shared here; the prices seems to be extremely expensive.  Why will I buy 2GB for #2k, when I know I can
get 4GB for #1,500? Not as if their Bis plan is not working on Android ooo but
I just don’t know the reason why this Android plans are introduced. However, if
you have subscribed to this Android plans, let us know how far, if it zap data
or not.
Though the Airtel BIS plan has been serving me on my PC
greatly, the last subscription I made lasted me for 7weeks and it’s fast; but
it zaps on android devices. It works normal on iPhones/iPads.
MTN: You shouldn’t have any problem with using any of MTN
plan on your device as at the moment, 
you can rock with free 700MB on all device and PC; you can also rock the
night plan during the day time that gives you 4.5gb for #2,500 and it works on
all device.
Without even going for their normal plan, you can get Cheaper  Data Plans with cheaper prize
from trusted third party agents. E.g you can get 1gb for #1k etc.
Left for me, I’m a heavy internet user, so I make use of Glo
Bis, Airtel Bis and Mtn data… I don’t know about you but my Job is to make
internet surfing cheaper for all.
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70 thoughts on “Best Data Plan To Go For in August 2014”

  1. please oga prof. how can I get bb imei I am using mtk android device and with all the recent updates I think I will give glo bis a try please kindly help me urgently with the process and how to change my imei. thanks simon

  2. Nice review Yomi, weldone and God bless u for the good job u are doing. Pls I can't wait to receive Etisalat bis post for android hope that will be posted before end of today.

  3. Yomi pls i need you to explain what BB5 SL2,SL3, unlocking means and d device attached to it and how to unlock them thanks man

  4. Prof you still haven't shared with us how to truly moniterize our blogs by Adsense trick and other affiliation programs, I also tried the jumia but i wasn't sent a login details after the congratulation email received. Pls share with us, Thanks Baba Yomi

  5. Prof hav bin unable to use openvpn and simple server on my tecno h5. Each time i import the configuration file to my openvpn it says error reading file..pls help me o cus av nt been ejoying all dis simple server and open vpn am new to android

    • hello Bizzy, you shouldn't have any problem with that if your phone is already rooted and you followed the procedures on how to get it done. Maybe you should download another simple server, and manually set it.

  6. Oga, please am sorry for post this here. Please my android phone can't install app on mcard, it sees phone memory as mcard. Please help its s5 Clone

    • If it can install on your phone, you should be able to move installed apps to your memory card using Apps2sd or Force2sd. You can easily download any of those apps on play store.

  7. Yomi pls answer me…after i exhaust d jumia 700, hw much wil i hav 2 subcribe 4 it again n wil it still work on simple server….secondly can that glo comonth bis works on normal nokia fone and pc

  8. @Anonym, 06:32, you can't use it on your iPad except you are making use of a bb phone that supports tethering or and android phone that support tethering.

    @ Anonym, 10:35, you'll have to subscribe for #200, or you subscribe for free the 25mb and the likes.. it will work on ss.
    Glo commonth cant work on normal nokia except abnormal nokia like Nokia XL that has successfully tweak it's imei

  9. Hello Yomi, are you sure glo is still that good? My wife uses Q10 and her midi month that uses to come with 3GB data cap has been reduced to 550mb in her last subscription about 3 days ago. Just bought Q10 myself and I find it pretty difficult activating BIS on glo network. Someone asked me to send BBAMONTH to 777 and after I did that, my money was refunded after 24hrs without activation. Finally resolved to go with their MIDIMONTH plan of 550mb but even till now can't get it activated. How much is comonth and what is the data cap that comes along with it? Will appreciate your reply plz.

    • Glo is network is good and their bis plan works on BlackBerry 10 devices. Comonth is 1K with allocated 3GB; while BlackBerry absolute is 1500 with 3gb allocated data. I'll recommend you go for any of those two package instead of wasting ur money on normal glo BlackBerry package dat cost alot.

      For comonth dial *777*21# or send Comonth to 777; whl for absolute, dial *777*23# and ur money will be deducted and data allocated to u.

      To check ur bal, dial *777*0#. it works like charm.

    • Thank you Yomi for your swift response, that's quite appreciated. It was the blackberry absolute of 1k5 that I first subscribed to. After it wasn't activated, that I called glo customer service when one of their agents told me that it's not compatible with my Q10. Even till now, the so called blackberry 10 plan has not been activated. Have been on wifi so as to have Internet access. Could you please verify the compatibility of blackberry 10 with glo bba and comonth plz? Will appreciate your further assistance.

    • Don't listen to whatever cc tell you, bbamonth and comonth is compatible with bb10 cos I am currently using it on ma bb10. CC will always tell u dat it's not compatible bt dat's not tru.

    • T.boy, don't apply for adsense yet if not you won't be approved. Remove all those uncensored adult pics and right up yu have on your blog. Google detest adult content.

    WELL CAN U HELP ME MY MOZILLA CANT BROWSE WITH as ip and 8080 as port even when itz set to manual configuration it says server refusing connection
    help plz ahv not been able to enjoy any tweak with d mozilla stuff of chnging ip and port
    and also ss on my pc shoss ready after d configuratio for jumia tweak and later shows an error message plz help me my email [email protected] or waasapp 08171643179
    also can u guide me on some extra blog tips on how to make my blog like urs with massive traffic ive created d blog already but need skills of how to use html coode

  11. Pls prof help me. My glo bis has been activated but still i cant brows. does not connect on my tecno s3 unles i put but even with www. added i cant brows n i ve change my imei even though i used the 2.1 version of the imei generator. pls what is d way it d imei generator i used or what. if it is pls send me 2 imei bcos my phone is dual sim: [email protected] pls assist me as mysubscription is already counting. note that i inserted it in a bb b4 it was activated for me n i browse with it on d bb n it worked

    • Hello Abu,
      If you've successfully changed your imei, you should be be able to solve the net with it on your Android using the following apn "" as your default apn. If you have done the correct thing and still can't browse, I'll suggest you change your imei again perhaps the imei you used might be faulty.

      However, dial *777*0# to check your balance

  12. @YOMIPROF how fa? Been asking for imei on different threads,,u haven't gotten back to me.. Pls send an imei to 'me' mail @[email protected]…. Nd what's with airtel? I hv ilke 5GB..does it still zap like crazy?

  13. Prof, please I m using BlackBerry z10. Do I need to change my imei before subscribing for comonth. N currently I m using bb10 plan of 550mb for #1400


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