MTN to Acquire MultiChoice Africa (DSTV&Gotv)

Despite the facts that both companies emanated from South
Africa, I still find it hard to believe that this will eventually come to
reality. Those of you who have been using Dstv/GOtv will have noticed that the
latest increment of Dstv/Gotv subscription took effect from May 1st
2017 and lots of subscribers were embittered about it.

Recession on the other hand hasn’t helped this company to
harness their estimated level of profit overtime. And now, MultiChoice Africa
is considering selling its company to MTN.
MultiChoice Africa is the franchise owner of Dstv and GOtv.
The parent company Naspers Limited said
selling off MultiChoice Africa will not
affect the South
African division of the TV network despite the facts that the plans has not
been made public according to what Bloomberg reported.
A sale of MultiChoice
Africa would mean a shift away from its traditional media business, which
includes newspapers and MultiChoice’s main product, the DSTV satellite-TV
service by Cape Town-based Naspers.
Though MTN and Naspers Limited have briefly discussed about
MultiChoice Africa but a final decision have not been reached. The reason for
the sale of MultiChoice Africa boils down to the worst Nigerian recession in 25years
that terribly ridiculed Naira. It made Naira to lost currency value against the
dollar to trade.

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3 thoughts on “MTN to Acquire MultiChoice Africa (DSTV&Gotv)”

  1. Hi mr Yomi. I know this is completely off topic but is there a way you can help me order the cagabi one and some other things and I'll pay you the naira equivalent? Also your going to be the one to receive it and then send it to me

  2. ? ? ? This is not funny! MTN planning to a aquire Nasper: DStv/GoTv. This is serious. MTN is working on getting all the money they've paid as fine back from Nigerians.
    I subscribed to StarTimes, and I'm ok with it.


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