Fix All Infinix Smartphones Problem Here

This is what we know how to do best, we fix mobile problems.
Mobiles phones just like Human being experience weird moment, misbehavior or
tech headache. You never can tell how long your phone will last you until it
starts to develop minor or major problems; that is why checkup is

most times before it will break down.

Here is a notable complain someone sent to me;
I bought the Infinix Hot S two months ago and i must say it has been the
worst decision have made in terms of device purchase. As we speak, the
phone has refused to start and it keeps giving error and all i see is
XOS Chameleon (ERROR). 

This thread is dedicated to all infinix smartphones, that is
about to pack up, lagging, hanging or unusual misbehavior. Whatever problem you
might be experiencing with your infinix smartphones, post it using the comment
box and someone will proffer a solution to you.
Don’t just watch your smartphone die a natural death… fix it
using the comment box below.
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83 thoughts on “Fix All Infinix Smartphones Problem Here”

  1. Goodmorning Mr Yomi, how was the night? A colleague had an issue with his phone…was told he plugged it in the wall socket and the phone went dead. Battery became flat immediately and phone refuses to turn ON. Seems like an hardware issue…not sure though. Counselled him to take it to a repairer in town, that one told him, he can't find what got spoilt. Any way to fix this sire?

    • My night was great, day ongoing… Yes, first of all has he tried another battery and another charger? he should look for a good smartphone repairer… The repairer can boost the device if the battery is okay.

      • Hello Abz,
        There are many reasons why devices ghost work. But first of all do the below to see if it fixes it for you.
        >>Check the touchscreen performance by using Diagnostics or the Service menu (*#*#0*#*#*).
        >>Wipe the screen with a clean and dry cloth to make sure that your display is clean. Make sure that your hands and fingers are clean and dry before using the touchscreen.
        >>Boot your device into safe mode and check if the same issue still persist. If it doesn’t happen in safemode, then the last few apps you downloaded might be causing the problem.

        • My phone fell(infinix Hot 9)I gave it to a phone tech he fixed the screen but the touch wasn’t working,i gave it to another person same story.please can it be fixed because I have important things i done want to lose on the phone.

  2. Please I have an issue with my infinix Hot Note. I used mobile uncle to enhance the audiblity of the loudspeaker. It's worked maybe but After the setting, I tried to decrease the volume when playing media files but couldn't. Volume 1 is as loud as volume 10 and volume 10 is as normal as usual, no increase. Now no increase or decrease control. Everything sounds the same. However volume 0 is silent, but 1 and 10 are the same. Please how do i fix?

    • Hello Ogunleye,
      First of all, go to settings, click on apps, click on individual apps and clear the cache one after the other except Google Play store and services.

      Once you are done, reboot your device, go to google playstore, download Aps2SDcard. Use it to move some of your apps to SDcard and you'll be free of internal memory is full messages.

  3. Hi yomi, I know it's late but my infinix zero2 x509,has been cutting off the signal showing" simcard error, cannot detect simcard." it goes on and off. Tried using mtk engineering to resolve it to no avail. Please assist. Thanks

      • Good evening… Please my uncles infinix hot 4 has been showing XOS Chameleon for the past 5 hours now. What can I do to restore the phone?

        • Hello Charles, I think your uncle’s Infinix phone entered recovery mode. Do this:
          Press the Power button and the Volume Up button at the same time. You need to hold these two buttons for about 20 seconds until the Android Recovery screen goes black. This means that the device is powered off.

          Now restart the smartphone, see if it start normally. If it doesn’t start normal, then it means your android has been bricked. Kindly let me know if it fixes it.

  4. On infinix hot 4 pro yomi i don try root am with different apps still same thing if u have any beta alternative do share and i also need Twrp for Infinix hot 4 pro

  5. good day yomi i have infinix x507 i used lucky patcher todo some tricks unfuchnatley my play store wont work no matter how any networl i used he will said there is problem with the server or service i even do factory reset bt it didint gt back to normal i sincerly need help

  6. my infinix x600 has issue of touch screen it didnt fall or anything the touch scree n work for some sec the stop to make it work for another sec u need to lock the phone and on again what do i do

  7. Hi all, I use infinix x557, I can copy anything from flash when I use my OTG in the phone but I cannot copy from my phone memory to the OTG storage. I found out that the OTG storage doesn't show on d phone file manager, I av tried es and fx explorer still no way around it.

    Anyone with solution please?

    • Hello friend, I seems not understand what you mean.

      Do you mean you can copy from your flash to phone using your OTG cable but you cannot transfer from your Phone to Flash? What storage is your OTG connected to?

  8. Pls help, my Infinix hot note can't boot to recovery, I downloaded the cwm but it won't after using mobile uncle all I see is fading off and reboot. Plz help

  9. Morning, please I've having charging problem for quite a while with my Infinix X551. It shows charging whenever I plug in charger but instead of charging, it keeps discharging. When I off it sometimes it charge and sometimes it doesn't. I'm tired of this issue. Please help out. Thanks

  10. You're right prof. My OTG storage will only show under notifications drop-down as U-Disk. when I click on it, it will open my OTG disk drive and and can copy anything from it but if I have any doc I want to transfer from my phone memory to the OTG disk drive, there's not option to do that because the disk doesn't appear under any file manager as a visible storage just like we see Memory card drive under the main phone memory in file manager.

    I hope you understand me well now?
    Can u think of any solution? hi

  11. Good day
    When ever I turn my hotspot on my infinix note 3 it automatically turn off after 10sec, I dont know what seems to be the problem, I can't connect any device to it, pls help out,

  12. Hello friend, ever since I upgraded my infinix hot 4pro, it have been giving me headache, I can't even open my Facebook and some other app, just like Facebook when trying to login it will be showing, Facebook has stopped I don't like this please tell me what to do

  13. Hi all,

    My problem with hot 4 pro (x556) is that I forgot my privacy protection password, so I gave a guy to flash it for me, he used miracle box to flash, the app said done but the phone is not flashed, later on the same day I got info on how to sort the privacy protection issue which was successful but after that (the flashing) my phone becomes very hot and shows a grey screen when I'm not using it. I've upgraded to Android N I'm still experiencing the same, I've also checked my display and accessibility options.

    I will appreciate your comments and help.

  14. Ive got my friends infinix xos chameleon, after turning on the phone it will stay for a while, for like 1 min and will freeze then reboot. Please help!

    Thank you!

  15. hi,
    my phone infinix xos chmeleon
    when o watch video on youtube it makes a strange voice like tet te tete and the phone freeze after that then restart
    i reset it to the factory data reset but it happened again … ?

  16. Hello I flashed my infinix x551 16+1 and the phone went dead… The worst part of it now is that the phone has refused to connect to the PC even when I download another flash file….please help me I don’t know what to do

    • It is a software bug that needs to be fix by updating your device. just check for update from your about phone to see if update is available for your device.

    • boot it into safe mode, and check if it load normally, if it does, then it might be caused by your most recent app downloaded. otherwise, boot it into recovery mode and factory reset it.

  17. My infinix hot 4 suddenly went off and finally i rebooted it on my the speakers arent functioning and the battery is always hot …what could be the problem..have tried changing d speakers but yet its not working ..

  18. Please help me my infinix hot4 has been writing xos chameleon for a long time now
    If I try turning it on it writes infinix powered by Android before it starts writing xos chameleon again after sometime it starts writing optimizing app 1 of 9 but when it gets to app 9 of 9 it writes starting apps before it begins writing xos chameleon again
    Please if there is any solution to this problem I need it seriously because this is not the first time it has happened
    I have already wasted lots of money for flashing it but after a short time it goes back to the way it was???
    Please help I don’t want to just throw this phone away

  19. Good day. I bought my infinix smart 5 in august. I switched off my phone and later switched it on a few hours later and it kept showing ”just a sec” as if it’s installing. Please can you tell me what’s going on? and besides, I didn’t reset my phone.

  20. Hi good morning
    I stiwchedoff my infinix smart 5 and on it back since last night till now it has been showing just a sec .
    Pls What should I do

    • Hello Glory,
      Your phone has been soft bricked. Before I conclude, switched it off again, and turn it on. If you get thesame thing, then it has been soft bricked. I don’t know how techy you are but if you are not techy, just take it to a nearby repear centre and it will be unbricked.
      But if you want to give it a try, do the below:

      The easiest way to fix this is to clear the cache partitions. You can clear the cache partition by entering the recovery mode. On most Android devices this can be done by pressing the power key and the volume key at the same time.

      Once the device is in recovery mode, follow these steps to clear the cache partition:

      Step 1: Use the volume buttons to scroll down the options on the screen until you highlight “wipe cache partition.”

      Step 2: Press the power button to highlight this option and then wait for the process to be completed.

      Step 3: Once the process is complete, use the volume buttons again to select “Reboot system” and the device will reboot.

  21. Hello please help me o, my infinix note 8i enter one unusual mode that it keeps highlighten all apps with a green box and is not sliding from top. I restarted the phone many still the same problem please help me o I don’t know what to do?

  22. my infinix phone screen has gone blank but if i one it will show, after putting the password it will go blank again, i use the power + down/up button to flash it yesterday and it work perfectly well until this afternoon it started doing that again please what do i do

  23. Hi, my inifinix phone is only showing Infinix Android, then it vibrates and then goes off. It keeps on repeating this every 2 seconds and it is not coming up more than that. Please what do l do?


    • Hello Lilian,
      Your infinix is soft bricked. Once it goes off, press down the power button + the Volume UP button for few seconds, it will take you to fast boot. Choose to wipe all data. You can navigate with the volume UP and volume down button. Confirm it, and allow it to completely wipe the data. Once done, reboot the device, and it should be back to normal


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