Get Free 150MB on Your MTN Line

Hello friends, Mtn 700MB still rocks and I’m pretty sure,
its not in anyway closer to been blocked except if mtn don’t want to partner
with Jumia and the likes again. But to those who are still unable to enjoy this
700MB and the Airtel 1MB to download large files, and alternative has been
provided for you to get free 150MB on your MTN Line.

How Can I Get Free 150MB?

==>Click here from your device and Click on Free Register
==>Enter your mtn number in the field that will be
provided and create a unique password
6 digits pin would be forwarded to your phone number. copy it and past it in
the assigned box
you’ve completed the previous steps, you’ll receive a text that you have
received 150MB Valid for a month
To check
your data balance, dial *559*2#

Now that
you’ve gotten your 150MB, what next? You can’t use this on any site aside of
MTN; but we’ll be configuring it to work on PC
and other device.
simple server users, just download the .ini file here and extract it to the
folder you have ss on your pc
the simple server.exe and configure your browser to manual proxy port
And for OpenVPN users, download the ovpn  and
extract the config file here
And if you don’t already have the Openvpn, you can download it here 
Username: vpnbook
Password:  kAD3astu
Enjoy it while it last.
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49 thoughts on “Get Free 150MB on Your MTN Line”

  1. I'm prince ola, thanks YOMIPROF, all the members @ topnaij_com will enjoy this lolz more blessing

    First comment over 1 years + get I'm on this site

  2. For Android users using SS, change your settings to what is below

    LHOST = ''
    IMETHOD = 0
    ISPLIT = 0
    RHTTP = 0
    TIMEOUT = 60
    PHOST = ''
    RQUERY = ''
    RPATH = 0
    PTYPE = 0
    KEEP = ''
    BQUERY = ''
    MQUERY = ''
    RHTTPS = 1
    PPORT = 8080
    LPORT = 8080
    VALHDR0 = ''
    VALHDR1 = ''
    VALHDR2 = ''
    VALHDR3 = ''
    IQUERY = ''
    ADMODE = 0
    CQUERY = ''
    CUSHDR2 = ''
    CUSHDR3 = ''
    CUSHDR0 = 'Host'
    CUSHDR1 = ''
    ILINE = 0
    FQUERY = ''
    SBUFF = 1024
    RPORT = 0

    For Symbian users that makes use of SS, use this settings below;
    ==>go to Http query; Inject query: (leave every settings the way they are)
    ==>go to Http header; Add/Del/Rep Header 2: (leave everything the way they are)

    For iPhone users, download open vpn to your device and use your pc to import the linked ovpn file to your iphone. It rocks and fast here.

  3. Prof hav bin unable to use openvpn and simple server on my tecno h5. Each time i import the configuration file to my openvpn it says error reading file..pls help me o cus av nt been ejoying all dis simple server and open vpn am new to android

    • You guyz should download winzip online to ur system if you can't extract the file.
      That's d only way out. I've checked d file again, it's in good condition. So if u dnt have winzip, u need to download it on net

  4. Pls prof, biko, I have everything in place, but I don't know how to setup the vpn, I don't even know the meaning of rhis simple server stuff, is there a way you can put me thru sir pls so that I will enjoy this things too…m

  5. I got the message quite all right on my phone but when I checked for the bonus, I couldn't see the 150 mb, what's wrong pls?

  6. Ah! Bro, there is God, u don 4get we java users. Br0 Yomi prof, pls how can we use it on java phone, pls give us the details ASAP

  7. Is this tweak compatible with PC?. coz i found it impossible to install it on my pc after downloading it from another computer.

  8. Hey prof nice job u doing my simple server aint working at all may be it because i didnt set it well..please prof drop your number or kindly call me..08137588115 would b expecting your call sir


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