Airtel, Glo and Smile Among the 5 Bidders of 9mobile Left

Out of the 16 bidders who tendered expression of interest in
acquiring 9mobile, 10 made it through the first stage of screening and now, we
have only 5 bidders left. One out of the 5 bidders left will be the buyer of
9mobile in a matter of weeks.

Here are the 5 Bidders of 9Mobile Left
1. Airtel
2. Globacom
3. Smile
4. Helios
5. Teleology Holdings Limited
bidders of 9mobile
These 5 bidders of 9mobile are now qualified for the next
stage in which 1 will emerge winner. 9mobile has been standing on one. 
9mobile, formerly Etisalat Nigeria, was put
on the block early this year after it defaulted on a $1.2 billion loan from a
consortium of 13 Nigerian banks. Etisalat Group the mother company in Abu Dhabi
backed out leaving its Nigeria arm of business to fate, to survive on a new
Since the debt issue, 9mobile, the country’s fourth biggest
operator, has lost subscribers. In October its total number of users had fallen
to 17.1 million, giving it a 12.2 percent market share, from 20 million
subscribers with a 14 percent share earlier this year.
Who among these 5 bidders will acquire 9mobile?
Source: Reuters
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28 thoughts on “Airtel, Glo and Smile Among the 5 Bidders of 9mobile Left”

  1. I see the future right from the corner of my room. Airtel is going to be the big winner. just like MTN and others is out of the game, Glo, Smile and others will be out of the game.

  2. Glo have every resources to be better but they are not,… buying 9mobile will never make them what we are expecting, Airtel is good already even without 4g they seems to be the best for now, Smile lack of direct voice service seem to hold them down, with what we have on ground from Smile they will perform if it acquire 9mobile.

  3. I think Glo will win the BID though personally i dont want GLO to win because it will over crowd there 4G LTE and that will make it to be crawling too as there 3G is nothing to talk about.
    It will be better for everyone if AIRTEL win the bid that will make there better network to be a Super Network for everyone.


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