OluAssistant, Your Virtual Personal Assistant That Can Run All Your Errands

Very soon the need to have a house help will be completely forgotten
because by then, future tech will have replace your house help just like the
way machines are gradually replacing human.  What makes most of all this e-commerce site
like Jumia to make headway is because people discovered that you can order for
anything online and have it deliver to your house without any stress. 

For the lazy house wives, you can now order for cooked soup online
and have it delivered to your house with ease within hours. Now, we are in the
era of bot and people are seriously making hell of money from it… it’s time to
start building your own bot.

Here comes OluAssistant, a virtual personal assistant that makes
life simple for you. Built by Olubrain Technologies to help you live a
stress-free life by handling your tasks and running all your burdensome errands
for you.

OluAssistant is capable of handling wide number of task
simultaneously for you and have just one goal “simplify your life”
What Can OluAssistant Do?
  • Pickup & drop-off your
  • Arrange cleaners for your home or
  • Order food for you (Even Suya)
  • Deliver groceries to your home
  • Arrange a driver for you on the
    days you don’t feel like driving
  • Deliver diesel & cooking gas
    to your home or office
  • Provide roadside assistance if
    you’re ever stranded on the road
  • Make travel arrangements
  • Organise events
  • Help you make reservations in
    restaurants, nightclubs, etc.
  • Send a gift to your loved one, on
    your behalf
  • Wash and detail your car wherever
    it is parked
  • and MUCH more…
The good news is
that you can hire OluAssistant to run all your errands between the hours of
9am-6PM for as low as N2500, N5000, or N10,000 per month depending on the
package you choose. 

Even if you need
a miracle, OluAssistant can give it to you.You can add OluAssistant on WhatsApp
or visit here.
Remember, Warren
Buffet said, if you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you’ll work
until you die.
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