WhatsApp Latest Updates: Share Files of All Type

Lots of updates are currently going on with WhatsApp and
right now, WhatsApp is testing some new functionality that is sure to be
welcome by its many users.

It is one of the most anticipated features of all time even
though WhatsApp users are still expecting the Recall features. For the time being, WhatsApp does not support the share of all
file types, so you’re forced to use third-party apps in some cases. The good
news is the situation might change in the not so distant future.

The new File sharing features recently upgraded will allow
you to send any type of files to your WhatsApp contact. Any type of files you
can think of at all and it currently enables users to
share a maximum file size of 100MB (Android), 128MB (iOS) or 64MB (desktop).
It is currently been rolled out to
some beta users… with time, it will get to everybody. The roll out
of sharing of all file types is for iOS, Android and Windows Phone users!

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