Telecom Operators Plans to Increase Data and Call Tariff by 100%

Plans are currently ongoing to review the price of data and
call tariff upward by 100%. The telecom subscribers in
the country will pay more for telecom services if the industry regulator
accedes to telecom operators’ demand for 100% increase in prices of data and
voice calls.

According to an insider with NCC on anonymity,
said telecom operators had been making a
case for price increment since the first quarter of this year. He said they
complained of rising cost of production and that they could no longer carry on
with current call and data prices. 

most consumers now spend less on telecommunication services, especially voice
calls, compared to previous years. In the last 10 years, a drastic reduction
had been recorded in call and data tariffs. 
On-Net and Off-Net per minute tariffs which now stand at N12.01k and
N12.64 respectively used to be N24 and N75.30k.
Due to the current economy crisis and
the rise in the usage of OTT service like WhatsApp, Viber, Skype over
traditional network, telcos have been finding it increasingly difficult to make
ends meet.
If NCC agree to their terms, subscribers
will now pay close to N24 per minute and about N2,000 for one gigabyte of data
per month, from N1000 currently being charged by most operators.
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  1. Bastards. Where do you expect nigerians to get money. Internet is free in Sweden. God will punish who ever is suggesting data price increase.


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