Review: Best Mtn Tarriff Plan

I have been wondering over time the best MTN tariff plan
since they changed their tariff  recently.  I will quickly review almost all their tariff
plan so that you can be able to ascertain the plan that is suitable for you.

Mtn iPulse which was formally changed from  allow you to make calls at a cheaper rate of
15k/sec second after the first minute charge of 40kb per second. Gives 10mb
each time you recharge with #100 and above; and 
allow you to add one BFF/M2U; and on recharge of #200 and above, bonus
will be given to you. As at the time of posting this, you can’t use the bonus
given to you on your iPulse except you migrate to another package. To migrate  to iPulse dial *406#.


Super Saver on the other hand does not allow BFF/M2U but
gives bonus that you can’t use. In order words, bonus is useless on this plan.
Charges you 15k/sec to all network  after
the first minute call of 40k/sec.

Free 10MB weekly on N100 recharge
1 month Free subscription to Business
Day and CNN news
5 Free minutes for Info search service.
Valid for 30 days.

To migrate to Super Saver, dial *408#.

Smooth Talk on the hand charges 15k/sec after the first
minute calls, gives 10mb free data if you recharge #100 in a week; and gives
you #300 free bonus when you recharge #200 in a week to call your best friend
forever. Smooth talk allow you to add only one BFF that you can call with your
bonus credit. To migrate to Smooth talk, dial *401#. 
Mtn True Talk Speak from the heart to family
& friends across ALL networks
 @ 20k/sec.
ü  N300
Bonus to calls 2 special numbers (on recharge of N200 or more)
ü  Free
10MB weekly data bonus on recharge of N100
ü  Free
midnight calls (MTN to MTN) 
20k/sec from the very first second! Dial *400# to
How Can I Add Best Friend Forever
On IPulse dial *390*1*phone number#
On True Talk and Smooth Talk, dial *380*1*number#
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16 thoughts on “Review: Best Mtn Tarriff Plan”

  1. Yomi hellllllpppppp!!!!!!! ….I just bricked a tecno m3 while installing chainfire3d …..I'm so confuses I don't know what to do….pls any suggestion I've checkes online but to no avail, bro I need ur help…#waiting with hope

  2. 9c post Yomi….i tink truetalk is d best tariff plan cos dat 20k /s stl goes on evn afta first call unlike smooth talk whc we change to 40k/s afta dat 15k/s first call…is it true dat smooth talk gvs 1mb everyday evn wtout recharge? If yes, dats an added advantage ova oda plans…tnx

  3. @Mr Bones, sorry for what you are passing tru.. Am currently on motion wit mobile so just excercise patient and give me some couples of hours to post the files required to unbrick your Andriod phone. Tnks for ur patience

  4. Tanx yomi…….tho I went to Carlcare center in lagos wia I am, the collected the fone and told me to come back on Tuesday pls …..warn my fellow yomites never to install chain fire3d on tecno m3 or any oda fone unless they confam that it can work on it

  5. Prof MTN jst told me I hv reach my fairly usuage there a way I can continue browsing thru my BBC evryday smthing like the 2h trick..does the trick still work

  6. realy i am begining to be afraid of posting my email here, last week i got an email from a yahoo boiz, dsame reason made me dump my yahoo mai account because of dem, and now i post my email here nd d stupid gal claims she saw my email on ( i couldn't argue furthe but just ignored her, even the method you suggested that we should use something[@] i doubt it will be ok.. please find a better secure way to send us the stuffs u use to… thanks Mr. Yomi and remain bless!!!

  7. @Sadiku Musa, sorry ooo for all those junk mails that's why i won't ask you guys to drop your mail here again. And i have even deleted the existing post which contains mails. I definitely have a better options partaining to that. Tanks for your understanding.

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