Xtreme Lollipop OS V9 Alpha For Tecno H6

This is a sweet Lollipop Rom for all Tecno H6 users, ported
by Xtreme Team.  The Rom makes your
devices beautiful, user friendly and makes you to have the Lollipop experience
while you are anciously waiting for Android M.

Features of This Rom

Added New UI Design Use Xtreme UI 3.
New Framework Updated
Recent Panel MultiUser Mod XtremeOS
New Package Installer Added
Nea Dialar Design
Full Screen Caller
Original L lockscreen
Changed Keyboard
Bug Fixed
Saker Bug Fixed
Dialar Fc Bug Fixed
Caller Bug Fixed
Sound bug for Tecno H6 fixed
Camera bug for Tecno H6 fixed

Before you

==>Back up your IMEI with
Mobile Uncle in other to avoid story that touch cos in the process, you might
loose your original imei.

==>Make sure you have a CWM
back up of your own ROM before you run this

==> Do it at your own risk


==>Your phone must be rooted
and CWM
Recovery Installed in your device

==>Boot to  recovery mode
(Power off your phone and then Press Power Button + Volume Up Button until the

==>Now you can backup your
stock Rom (its very necessary and compulsory you back up)

Follow This
steps for flashing Rom

No need to wipe anything, it will do it automatically.
==>From your recovery, click on “install Zip from SD
card>>>Flash the Rom.
==>Wait for the installation to complete, then reboot
your device.
Where Can I Download It?

==>Download the Rom here
Note: After installation, to access CDS information, download Chamelephon.apk from playstore to change your IMEI.
Enjoy the feel, thrill and melodious theme to the extreme…
We talk Lollipop!
Rom Credits: Xtreme Team.
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48 thoughts on “Xtreme Lollipop OS V9 Alpha For Tecno H6”

    • You can only use glo bis on PC if you have an android device that supports hotspots… it doesn't work directly on modem.

      here is my mail yomiprof @ gmail dot com

    • HEllo Murp,
      Sorry … You are suppose to back up your contacts before the flahsing. #I accepts the error cos its from me, I was suppose to add it to the post above but it skipped my hands.

      However, if you had your email connected to your device before the flash, just connect it again and syncronize your contacts from your email, and you'll have everything back

      You'll also need greenify for effective battery management and safer.

  1. Pls prof I just rooted my phone goclever tablet with king root but when I wanted to change the imei with mobile uncle it didnt display CDs information it jus listed some things

    • Sure you can. F6 has more internal memory than H6… F6 memory is 16GB while H6 is 8GB but in terms of battery, H6 carries 2350mah battery while F6 is 2000mah…

      You can still exchange it.

  2. Prof yommex pls help my tecno f6 is bringing on NO COMMAND after i made a system update dat failed, part of d option include wipe/format av done dat but my phone is not still coming up. Pls help

    • You said the system update failed, that is why its bringing no command. I'll suggest you restore the back up you made before the update and your device will be back to normal.

  3. Please prof there is no install zip, mount/wipe cache and some other options to install custom ROM on my Android custom recovery and I have cmw I stalled on it. Please help.

  4. Please sir my imei is not showing it is saying invalid imei.. I made a back up of my imei with mobile uncle.. I tried to restore it but it fails.. Please sir yomi help me.. Made a nandroid back up.. If I restore it will my phone turn to normal?? With imei working again??? Please in need your help assap

    • Hello bro sorry for what you are passing thru. Restore ur nandroid back up and your fone will go back to normalty.

      Ideally mobile uncle suppose fix that imei null

  5. Mr yomi, I can't connect my device tecno h6 with PC after using the custom rom. Pls I need help to connect it to my PC ASAP


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