Will InnJoo Smartphones Ever Get an OTA Updates?

is a brand that is well known in some parts of the country, manufacturing great
devices for everyone to use. I’d known InnJoo devices for a pretty long time
and hardly have I heard anyone made complain of that products aside of when
they were ushered out by NCC for producing a fake phone (Innjoo fire) with
inferior material into Nigerian market.

have always played the market challenger when it comes to device specs compared
to Infinix devices and tecno devices. However, I’ve never heard of any InnJoo
devices getting ordinary system update talk less of OTA update.

Lollipop update that was release last year was for InnJoo One device and a lot
of users complained woefully about bugs and all that. InnJoo has technically
abandon all other devices without any iota of update.

question is, will InnJoo devices ever get an OTA update? Considering the facts
that Malware that can easily hijack your banking details and technically log
you out of your device is around the corner.

intentionally refuse to release InnJoo fire Pro into Nigerian market with 4G
LTE instead released and Fire plus 3G into Nigerian market hence refuse to even
give her customers benefit of doubts by releasing atleast a system update to
that device.

you are still using Android 4.4 kitkat on your Android devices, you are an old
school Android user and I can’t guarantee the extent damages malware will wrought
on your device.

question is why has InnJoo decided not to even update any of their devices? Is
it that InnJoo devices are not eligible for OTA or Android 6.0 OS is too big
for InnJoo devices?

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