Infinix Release Another Firmware OTA Update For Infinix Hot Note Pro

I’m walking away… from Kitkat in my life… I’m walking away
to Android Marshmallow. If you are using Infinix hot note pro and still running
on Kit Kat, then you are living in two different generation because you might
not understand what we are saying. 
To all those who are already running Android 5.1 lollipop on
your infinix hot note pro released another update via OTA few days ago, you
should have seen it and I guess some of your must have installed it. According
to the update, it brings about;

–>Added system manager app which includes mobile
cleanup, app manager, network management ad harassment block functions
–>Added 3G only option in network type selection
–>Added sleep cleanup function to automatically clean up
phone memory after long time sleep
–> Added app lock function in recent app cleaner to
avoid cleaned
–>Optimized password lock and PIN lock input on lock
screen, directly entry when entering the correct password
–>fixed smart cover’s status bar display issue
–>Removed quick charge icon on the left of the status
–>Fixed ringtones setting failure occasionally issue
–>Fixed other issues from XCLUB fans
–>Improved battery and system performance and fixed
other issues.
The update is just about 143MB. I guess the update  you’ll see  next will be “Welcome to Android 6.0”.
Please if you are rooted, kindly unroot before you install
the update.
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34 thoughts on “Infinix Release Another Firmware OTA Update For Infinix Hot Note Pro”

  1. Pls Yomi I haven't upgrade my infinix hot note pro from kitkat to lollipop how can I go about it. Kindly give me step by step the procedure. My phone is not rooted

  2. help yomi. I need a link to download infinix x510 hot2 updated rom. den I will flash it. cox am unable to install the 23mb update. thanks

  3. You, thanks for this. I received the update 4 days ago but unfortunately, after I disable superuser and downloaded the update. It says "unfortunately, system update has stopped". I tried installing it the way I did the first time through recovery mode but I can't seen to get to that because of the cwm that I have installed. Please help

  4. Hi prof. But pls how do i update my htc one m7. it keeps saying my phone is to date which is 4.4… thou the phone is not rooted. pls help prof. thanks.

    • Hello Calone,
      From the recent report I read, I learnt the manufacture of that device no longer support software upgrade for One M7(I may be wrong). Except you'll resolve to Custom rom upgrade

  5. Prof after downloading d update n tried installing is telling me system update failed ppls wots d cause for dis n possible solution

  6. Yomiprof my fone jst dey show all manner of ads whn I On my data or doing anytin but tinkin of formatin it 'n i want to do the update to lollipop so did I stil need to flash

  7. Prof yomi i greet u oo,
    I read through sum comments here, nd i find out dat u ave problem updating d update u downloaded via OTA wit system update, here cums d solution.

    After u ave downloaded d update via Ota
    jst off ur device and boot into recovery, den select update from cache, then click update folder and u will find d dat u downloaded via ota inside, select it nd wait till d update is completed.
    Den u ave successfully install d update. U can use dat method anytym ur system update crash.

  8. The problem am having with my update is that it continue to say network connection failed even though I av uninstall the supersu but what I noticed with root checker after that was it says"root access not properly installed" when I verified
    I really need a solution for the update. It is worthy to note that I am already on lollipop but want to update to the latest.
    The 814mb for d Flashing is too much for me and also don't want to lose my files hence will prefer the 143mb for OTA update which doesn't affect files.
    Pls I need an urgent solution

  9. yomiprof boss want to update my note pro to lollilop but i could not download the rom via the link pls the site jst brings irrelevant tins help

  10. Has anyone noticed that the OTG external drive is working with the rom "X510-D5110-L-20150805" on infinix Hot2?
    I noticed it after I flashed the ROM n then put my OTG flash in it.

  11. i have infinix hot note pro and using Lollipop 5.1 i want to hide caller id but it is showing dim in additional setting please help me


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