Recession: MTN Nigeria Introduce Transaction Fee on Share n Sell Services

When MTN Nigeria introduced Share ‘n’ Sell features few years ago, everyone applauded them for
a job well done and ever since then, the service has been running smoothly without
attracting any transfer fee.

But as economic downturn rages in Africa, and the prices of
items sky rocket without immeasurable control, beginning from 31st of
January, 2017 MTN Share n Sell
transfer services will no longer be free. 
MTN subscribers will start paying transaction fee on any airtime
transfer initiated to other MTN subscribers.

MTN sent a message across to subscribers as seen below;
“Dear Customer, please be informed that Share n Sell transactions
will attract applicable transfer fee, effective January 31, 2017”
This is no longer funny, instead of applying charges to the
service, why not just scrap it completely… after all the share n sell transfer
is within the same MTN network; why the extra charges?
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14 thoughts on “Recession: MTN Nigeria Introduce Transaction Fee on Share n Sell Services”

  1. This is not nice at all. MTN is milking Nigerians too much. Unsolicited messages charges, nonsense caller tunes charges, and now share n sell. If they can't survive under this harsh economic condition, let them pack out and pack well.

  2. But you guys never complain when AIRTEL charge for transfer
    Why complaining now, I thought they even try for not charging for a while

    • We never complain because we don't transfer airtime with airtel. This is Mtn for God sake and all nigerians are using it. Gosh!


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