How Long Should I Charge a New Smartphone Before First Use?

This is a major question someone sent to me and I decided to
bring it down here because I know we all have different views about this. Some
of us don’t even bother to charge the phone once the sales man deliver it, we
just go ahead with usage until it’s out of juice. While some will turn it off
and charge it before usage. Which one is acceptable?

Here is my own advice, drain the
new battery to below 5% [probably 1-5%]  and then keep it for full
charge[100%] for the first time, this way you will kind of calibrate the new
battery’s power and configure it’s capacity.

How many hours do you charge your
new smartphone before usage? Do you use your smartphone while charging or you
turn it off? 
Experts advised that A device
should be turned off while charging. This allows the battery to reach the
threshold voltage unhindered and reach a low saturation current when full. A
parasitic load confuses the charger.
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12 thoughts on “How Long Should I Charge a New Smartphone Before First Use?”

  1. I'd recommend 97% max, 92% min, while phone's on but unperturbed by the owner. There's analysis that certify that the best, just that it's too long for me to start typing here.


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