This App Let You Verify Any Nigerian Bank Account to Avoid Scamming

personally give the creator of this application 5 star because it is a job well
done.  Nigerian bank verifier is a simple application that
helps you verify the authenticity of any bank account. Take for instance, you
want to send money to someone, you can simply use this app to verify if the
person is the right person or not before sending.

Should I Download This App?
helps you avoid being scammed by people
identity theft
need to visit customer care anymore for account verification
sending money to the wrong account number.

should have it installed on their smarphone devices
Can I Download it?
it here and install it
the app and Select the bank name
a 10 digit Nigerian Bank account.
on verify to know who owns the account number.
does exactly what it said.
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15 thoughts on “This App Let You Verify Any Nigerian Bank Account to Avoid Scamming”

  1. Nice info. But, anyone familiar with First Bank Mobile App would agreed that one can "Transfer" from bank to bank on the app. Not that only, before one make any Transfer especially from First bank to another First Bank account, what is required only is the "Account Number" and Bingo, it will AUTOMATICALLY search for that account and also shows the Name of the people using the account–a feat that defeat Mistakenly sending money to someone else rather than the person you wanted to transfer to.

    Well, nice app Prof.

  2. Yomi Prof thanks for the other thread. The Kingroot was able to root my dad's phone under 4minutes. Well, i dont know what else i should do with the rooting–i mean apps or settings i could do on the phone to make it more fluid. Recommendation is welcome.

    • Their are numerous things you can do with you Android, all manner of tweaking like installing custom rom, custom recovery. It now depends on what you want on that device

    • I used L Speed for optimization to make my fone more fluid. The for battery i use greenify and amplify for battery optimization. You can use titanium backup to remove bloatwares but be careful what you remove. Cheers!

  3. Prof i use an infinix hot 3 phones and it really hangs a lot even though its a 1gig ram phone which is frustrating for me. Pls what can I do to stop this issue.

    • It seems you have a lot of applications installed on that device. uninstall apps you are not using. Go to settings>>apps>>Clear you apps cache but don't touch google play services and store.

      Reboot and you are good to go. Next time, don't go for 1GB ram devices, they sucks.


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