Shocker: Your Smartphone is Gradually Making You go Blind

This may sound weird but are you part of the fast and
furious crew who love to see their smartphone brightness level really bright
even though while in the dark?

Have you noticed that when you view your smartphone for a
while and then when you lift your head, you find that your eyes are somewhat
Have you noticed that you can reflexively close your left
eye and open the right one. But it’s very hard to close the right eye and open
the left one….or vice versa?
Late at night, you cradle your smartphone in your palm and
use it before you go to sleep. Although the lights are out, the glaring screen
is bright enough for your eyes to see whatever it is you’re scrolling through
or reading.
Research shows that using a smartphone at night, in the
dark, especially during bedtime, can actually cause the feeling of “transient
smartphone blindness”
Report also shows
how two women suffers transient smartphone blindness age 22 and 40. Looking
at your smartphone while lying in bed at night could wreak havoc on your
Remember, your eyes are very important and I don’t want you
to go blind or temporary blind.
Here is what you should do
>>At night, reduce the brightness of your smartphone
to the minimum in order to avoid stories that touch the eyes and affect the
economy of your pocket.
>>Those of you using a laptop, you’ll notice that your
eyes are gradually being affected either because you stay too much on the
system and as a result, its affecting your vision. Reduce your system
brightness to the minimum.
Guard your eyes jealously because “dem no dey sell eyes for
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15 thoughts on “Shocker: Your Smartphone is Gradually Making You go Blind”

    • So true. Most times i sleep with lights on not because i enjoy it, but cos im always using my phone and laptop while keeping the brightness to the minimum. It helps to reduce the effects of lights bouncing back into your eyes.
      If the only light in the room is going straight into your eyes, it's really not a good idea.

  1. Yeah. I noticed that a couple of months ago now. I discovered that my eyes/ vision is becoming cloudy ⛅. Unfortunately, the damage is done already. This is why Samsung phones are the best!


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