NCC Directs TELCOS to Give 14 Days Grace Period For Data Usage

I was expecting NCC to mandate all network providers  to add more gigs to their data plan while the
existing price remain unchanged but What I read on ThisDay is on the contrary
and it left me with a big question mark.

First of all, I’ve always heard complain from subscribers
that Normal MTN /Airtel/9mobile monthly data plan that supposed to last upto 30
days get exhausted before the end of 14 days. The Zapping is on the high side
now and this is what NCC has to say;
“NCC has mandated all
network providers to give their subscribers 14 days of grace after the 30 days
expiration of their data if they still have data left and cannot recharge to
get their data rolled over,”
It means if you are unable to exhaust your normal data in 30
days, you should have extra 14 days to exhaust it before it will be wiped off.
This is good news for those who rarely finish their data but bad news for
On the contrary, this may only be possible for Glo
subscribers because of their snail like network in most places. If you subscribe
for 3.2GB for N1000, you may only succeed in using 500MB for a month while the
remaining goes to waste bin.
The question is, will Telcos comply or use Carrot and Stick
approach? They give you freebies with one hand and use the other hand to suck
it dry… Be sincere with yourselves, how many days does it take you to
exhaust  3GB of data? How many times do
you subscribe in a month?
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24 thoughts on “NCC Directs TELCOS to Give 14 Days Grace Period For Data Usage”

  1. Guys I will advice you to stop subscribing to the telcos directly.. . Their data don't last at all… . Buy from third, it lasts Longer…. Av been using third party for months now and am satisfied with how it lasts.

  2. Such thing not really for me sha
    Bcos any of my data that got expired was managed, I do not use it the way I really intend of using it

    Prof can you try and review that Facebook wifi express and how it work, the speed and how to become there agent. Thanks


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