How To Easily Send Friend Request On Facebook When You’ve Been Blocked

I want to sincerely tender my sincere apologies to all java
and symbian users for not posting any tutorial so far related to them. That
will be sorted out soonest.
What I’m about to share with us today, so many people are
already victims of it and I really hope this post will bail you out of it.

Facebook is one of the largest social networking site in the
world and I’m pretty sure so many people are already  on it. But Facebook does not
allow you  to add strangers as your
friends. You might have gone through a stage at least once in your
Facebook account when a message appears i.e. your friend request is
blocked for 1 day, 3 days, or even 30 days. 

You cannot send friend request on
Facebook to anyone whether you know him or not when you are blocked. This is
because Facebook doesn’t let to send friend request to unknown people and
considers it as spam and therefore temporarily disable sending friend requests
when you violate its rules. This is generally done to secure privacy of people
and some people by adding strangers as their friend make misuse of it.
But if you are one of those blocked by
facebook  for sending too many friend
request to known and unknown people and you really want to add friends; then
this tutorial is for you.
With the help of this simple but unique
trick, you can send more than 500 friend request..
How Can I Send Friend Request When I am
Already Blocked on FB?
This is how the trick goes.
==>Get the email address of the
person you want to add on fb(this can easily be gotten from the persons

==> Click on this  LINK.

On that link, you will see a place to
add  friends through their Emails based
on the different Mailing Services. But if you want to add more than 10 at a
time, you will need to create a contact file.
How Can I Create a Contact File?
Follow these steps.
a) Open new text document (.txt) in
b) Add all the email addresses
separated by a comma ( , ).
c) Now save that file with the
extension .vcf
Now this is your contact file.
==>Upload this file to Facebook  and you will be prompted to send friend
NOTE : If you don’t know how to upload
contact file then follow this step. Go to this link! In
that the last option is of ‘other tools’ in which you will find the next option
to upload the file!
==>Click “OK”and You’re done.
That’s it, so simple but extensive and
effective. After this, no more complain of being blocked by FB.
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  1. Yommi pls Help me!!!! I was using an andriod fone, then changed to a blackberry 9700(bold)..but I noticed after I swaped my bbm contacts to d bb, D DP of my android contacts doesn't change..I even tried deleting n reinvitin dem but it still doesn't work..pls help..


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