Android App That Changes Your Voice

I’m not going to type a long tutorial this morning but will
just dive straight to the point; what actually make most android phone to be of
value is because of the ability to install any app of our choice. There are so
many app but it all depends on what you what to do part time.

Today, I’ll quickly explain some simple application that
changes your voice to the opposite gender on you android device. 
There are two apps that works almost the same which includes
Free Voice changer and Funny call is an android application that allow you to
alter you voice during a live call or otherwise. Imaging talking to your friend
with a female voice while you are a guy.. sound so crazy. Not only that, it
allow you to change your voice to male, female robot etc. while the other allow you to change and alter your voice with an array of different effects (female,
child, male, tunnel) that can be combined together. Once you’re
satisfied, you can save your altered voice, e-mail it to your friends,
and even set it as a ringtone.
Where Can I Download  Any Of This App?
Just visit google play store or download it here
Run and install any of  it on your android device.
Then follow every other instruction to start using funny
call  or free voice app on Android
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