UPDATE: AliExpress Giving $100 Free Coupon Code Usable Only on 11.11 Don’t Miss Out!

Update: AliExpress 11:11 promo is Live and it’s only men’t for today. Go ahead and check for some of the cheapest devices you wanna get.

Don’t blame me if I bombard you with too much coupon this ‘ember’
month… it’s simply because there are  two
most important days to buy things online which is 11.11 or Black Friday.

Ali Express is on tour this route giving away $100 coupon meant
only to be use on 11.11. I guess some of you are already wondering what is the
meaning of 11.11 again? The truth is 11.11 is the biggest marathon e-shopping
online sales festival. It only happens just in one day and Alibaba don’t want
you to be left out in this.
How Do I Get Upto $100 Free Coupon Code Usable only on 11.11? (Mobile Only)
==>Click here to begin 
==>Download AliExpress Mobile app on Android or iOS
==>Login to your account from the app
==>Click on the 11.11 promo and you’ll be required to
enter a captcha code.
Then you’ll be credited.  
Note – It is based on first come first serve… if you are not
too lucky, you’ll only get $4 coupon code. Aside of that their will be massive
discount only on November 11.11 alone. I’d already seen a laptop going for 66K
(8GB 500GB HDD with 2.6Ghz processor).
Don’t miss out
Click here to begin your experience
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15 thoughts on “UPDATE: AliExpress Giving $100 Free Coupon Code Usable Only on 11.11 Don’t Miss Out!”

  1. After missing out on the previous discounts by Aliexpress, I won't fail to miss it this time. BIg shout-out to Boss yomi for the information.Now i can get those gadgets I've always wished for.

  2. Hello yomi please. I wanted placing order on teclast x70R and chuwi vi7 Gearbest and aliexpress which of them is the most trusted based on the fact the aliexpress is not alone different people sale their stuffs and I don't think they r worth to be trusted with a deal worth 60k so pls where should I order?

    • I'm going to answer you based on my previous experiences with both sites.

      I've ordered from AliExpress before and I'm still planning to order from them hopefully this 11.11. The secret behind Aliexpress is that before you buy any product, it is very much adviceable you read various reviews on the seller if he's trust worthy or not because their are lots of fake sellers in their.

      AliExpress gives you free options and paid options of delivery. Gearbest gives is just like Konga or Jumia and they delivers your products once your order is comfirmed, only that their free delivery options takes a little bit of min 4weeks before it gets to you except you are going for experditing delivery while Aliexpress doesn't take long up to that.

  3. How ridiculous and so unfair. UBA charges N226 for a dollar and Diamond charges N224 per dollar while they place 198 on their platforms

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