All Andriod Users Beware! This Android Virus Auto Root Your Device and May Destroy Your Device Forever

This post is directed to all Android users because it
concerns all of you. There is a latest virus in town that can completely kill
your Android phone permanently. It’s call auto root. 

Auto-rooting adware is a worrying development in the Android
ecosystem in which malware roots the device automatically after the user
installs it, embeds itself as a system application, and becomes nearly
impossible to remove
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To make matter worst, The researchers have found more than 20,000 samples of trojanized apps masquerading itself
 legitimately in  top applications, including Candy Crush,
Facebook, GoogleNow, NYTimes, Okta, Snapchat, Twitter, WhatsApp, and many
To add more salt to injury, the report says that these virus
cannot be uninstalled or removed. The owner might have to end up buying another
device entirely. Even Factory reset cannot remove it. A guy on Nairaland is
already facing this condition.
My 1 cent advice
Don’t install applications from unknown source you don’t
trust.  Always installs apps from Google
Play store or else be ready to kiss your customize android device goodbye.
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23 thoughts on “All Andriod Users Beware! This Android Virus Auto Root Your Device and May Destroy Your Device Forever”

  1. Please yomi I know this is off post but you are the best and I need your help,I subscribe for the etisalat social me pack for 1 week and its not browsing on my pc with simple server,sometimes when I connect my modem it will connect but shows no internet access,PLEASE HELP!!!

  2. sadly my galaxy grand got affected by it too and my main reason back ten to uninstall the app it masqueraded as was thatb the app was a sex app.It refused to uninstall i had to flash the phone through cwm but now my phone is bricked i cant even restore my backup cause even after i do its still stuck at samsung logo.Guys the app that caused this for me was WSS[world sport stream].Which kind nonsense con be this one na

  3. prof, am unable to flash my bricked Gionee M2 i followed all d procedured given to me tru d link u gave me.but weneva i got to d download section on d flash tool.dis is wat i got. [Not all images are correctly loaded, which may cause boot up issue. Do you still want to go on downloading anyway.] i use to press yes to download, but it does not download.

  4. This is very threatening. The rate at which the virus gets spread has gotten my attention. Just recently one of my guys got it but since we couldn't remove it, He went to flash the rom. Now I've got a clear picture about the malware. Thanks For the Information 🙂

  5. Yes, ROM flashing is d cure.
    I mean fOrmatting d phone n installing a brand NEW ROM.
    My friend has done for about 5 people using splash tool.


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