Best Data Plan For All Device In November ’14

It is very important to take this into note like a MESOTHELIOMA LAW FIRM in this eleventh month as we touch the best data plan to subscribe for
this season.
Etisalat: is actually coming up this season of surprises,
maybe because every telecom company wants to retain their subscribers. This
season, when you recharge any amount on your etisalat line, you’ll get 100%

bonus to call all network. Not only that, if your sim is not barren, you’ll receive
free 200MB or 500MB to last you for 7days on your etisalat sim.

However, the normal etisalat data plans is a little bit
costly but you can get the same amount of data from a third party agent at a
more cheaper rate e.g  250MB goes #600
500MB for #800 & 1Gb goes for #1,500. With this, you have no reason to
complain of any data zapping
MTN: This guy’s always intrigue me with their new MTN Y’hello
surprises that has been ON for the last 48hours; dishing free 100MB to all
their eligible subscribers. If you haven’t receive your own, just send 11 to
400 and 100Mb will be smiling at you.
Not only that, but this season, as part of the Y’hello promo
from MTN, you are entitle to free 1GB on any monthly plan you purchase this
period. However, we have some infected, buffeted, and rejected sim card that
no matter how many free Gigs MTN is distributing to the public, they never receive
it; so for this group of people, I’ll recommend they go with MTN SME Data reseller that sells cheap Mtn data for low prices.
At the moment, you can get cheap MTN 1GB for #1,200 or
#1,300 depending on the reseller you are dealing with but I’ll always recommend
MarcJoe anytime any day for this.
And if you are in the class of people that only Whatsapp,
BBM, Facebook and twitter with your device only, then there is a special plan
already prepared for you. For monthly BBM Plan on Android or iPhone, you can
text BBMM to 21600, cost #350
Airtel: At the moments, Airtel 1+1 is still rocking real
good. No matter the sim you are using, you can be eligible for 4GB or 9GB to
last you for 60days. Read more about it here. I lately discovered  that this new Airtel android plan don’t
consume data on PC at all, it charges just normal.
Glo: The big boys telecom network giving you 3gig for #1,000
and it works on all Android phones except non mtk devices. The truth is that Glo
network is stronger and their data doesn’t zap on Android nor iphone at all.
Your Android phone imei can be tweak to work with Glo BIS. Read more on how to
change your Android Imei here.
I go for the network that gives me the best value for my
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58 thoughts on “Best Data Plan For All Device In November ’14”

    • Yes, you can change your android fonts without rooting. Start off by going to the Settings (Device tab) > Display > Font > Font style
      chose the one you want and the change will be effected. What kind of Android device are you using?

  1. Oga prof pls is that etisalat 1.5 tweek working cox i change my imei bt it says invalid imei secondly can that glo bis work on my htc if i change d imei? Thankz

  2. It can always get better, no matter what.
    MTN 1GB IS 1200
    2GIG IS 2200
    3GB IS 3000

    250MB IS 600
    500MB IS 800
    1GB IS 1300(1500 airtime)
    2GB is 2500(3000 airtime)
    For patronage or more info you can always reach % whatsapp me on 07060623338

    • It is unfortunate at the moment, I don't trust the data reseller on glo that I know… Maybe meself should go into that biz. But I'll look for a good one for you.

  3. Please I intend on buying tecno p5, I want to know if the imei can be easily tweaked and also if it can rooted safely and easily. If not, please recommend another android device for a brother,, thanks.

    • This bbmm works on android but its just a bbm package. You can also get the one that works with twitter, facebook and whatsapp. their goody bag. But Airtel has a complete package for all social media called WTF

  4. Oga Prof pls i use a Samsung galaxy grand duos gt-9082. I have some questions, can u tell me what would be the best method to change my imei number also kindly help me generate bb imei number. & lastly do have two imei numbers cos it's double sim if not does changing the imei number mean i can subscribe on both sims. Here is me email address [email protected] thanks a lot for all u're doing

    • The first thing to do first is to ascertain if you Samsung Galaxy grand duo is an mtk clone. go to playstore and download cpuZ. run and install it on your device, open it and check if you see something like MTK

      If it is an mtk clone, then mobile uncle method will be suitable for changing your imei. If it is dual sim you can change either of the sim imei.

  5. Prof urgently need ur help…. I wanted 2 update my rooted galaxy note 2 OTA, bt kips getting dis message "your device has been modified, software update not available"… Wat shuld I do 2 b able 2 update OTA or hw cn I unroot my devic. Tnx

  6. @yomiproff: I mean how to Edit a document in jpeg or changing the name of a certificate that is already in jpeg..pls which app can I use to do that better. THANKS FOR YOUR CONCERN

  7. Hello prof pls av tried using framaroot to root my htc one x, bt its nt working..I was told to unlock bootloader first b4 I can root it and also b4 changing the imei can b possible..pls prof enlighten me more pls…I jst bought the fone, I really need ur help. God bless

  8. Yes…… U must unlock the bootloader before you can change your imei number….. I try to change mine but all in vain i no option to unlock my phone bootloader before i can make changes as many times…

  9. good morning yomi, when u av successfully changed ur android imei to that of a bb, does every other netwk bis work on it or its just glo? and, secondly, can i change samsung galaxy s4 imei? if yes, how do i go about it? thanx.

    • Hello Dafe, Ideally, when you've changed your android imei, all Blackberry subscription suppose to work on it but on this platform, it is only glo that works but I'm working out some modalities to see how to make other networks work on it.

      Yes you can change Galaxy S4 imei with octupus box. Just work into any computer village and tell them you want to fix your S4 imei, they will change you 1k and it will be change for you.

    • No, you can't change the imei except you root it. You can root it with a root kits, I'll upload it and a detail tutorial on how you can go about it. Just be patient a bit pleassse.

  10. Prof my galaxy note 2 is running 4.3 OS version….. So hw do I go abt solving d problem of not being able to update OTA, whch alwys shows "your device has been modified, software update not available"…. Jst bcos d phone has bn rooted.


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