Latest XUI 1.N.3.1 Update Available For Infinix Hot Note Users

Hello guys, an update is available for all Infinix Hot Note
users. The previous update came with some bugs and infinix decided to fix those
bugs. While you are still waiting for Marshmallow update for your device, its
advisable you update it with this latest upgrade.

Fixed issues
1. Issue where font manager occasionally crashed is fixed
2. Improved system manager interface usability and bug fix
3. Issue where some apps cannot be arranged or used is fixed
4. Other bugs is fixed

Added Function
1. Three fingers screenshot is added
2. Weather function is added
3. Confirmation for shut down and restart options is added
4. Download speed display is added
5. Screen recording function is added
6. Xshare function is added
7. Quick wallpaper swap is added
Optimized items:
1. Remove pin notification in notification bar, when turn on
Mobile Anti-Theft.

Where Can I Download it?
Hot Note 16+1GB download below
TF Card download here
SP flashtool upgrade download here
Hot Note 16+2GB download below
TF card download here
SP Flashtool download here
If you are having challenges updating via SP flashtool, kindly let us know so that guide link can be provided.  Please, kindly let us know once you’ve upgraded and tell us
if you notice any bug with it again. What matters is that Marshmallow is coming

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69 thoughts on “Latest XUI 1.N.3.1 Update Available For Infinix Hot Note Users”

  1. Hi Prof. Sorry, my question is kinda not relevant with the post but I really need your help. Pls do help if you can. Actually, I downloaded update for my infinix hot2 from normal system update and whenever I try to install the update, It fails. The error message I get is"error" this is repeating itself about the second time. Although i once rooted my phone but I unrooted it as soon as the update was available. What do I do please?

    • Hello Anonymous, so long you've rooted the phone before, it won't install update automatically. Your best bet is to flash the update via SP Flashtool. Once you flash the update, you'll be able to receive automatic update thereafter.

  2. I've liked your FB page already.. I don't know how to go about the FB comment box thats why I've posted my question here

    • Hello Ogu,
      To unroot your infinix hot note follow the guide below;

      1. Launch the SuperSu APP installed on your device.You can only have this app if you are rooted.

      2. Go to Settings adjust and click on the unroot option.Once in Setttings, scroll down to find the “Full unroot” option. When pressing this option, your infinix hot note x551 will be immediately unrooted.

      You can thus verify your root priviledge by downloading root checker.

  3. SarzLV2Thread Starter
    Please guys i used kingroot to root my x551 and now there's an update nd i was told dat updating my phone while its rooted can brick it, so now someone told me to unroot before updating and the other one said dat even if i uroot before updating my phone will still brick, so now am confused, can any one who has a little experience on this tell me what to do please????

  4. yomi my question is this i updated my phone to lollipop since but i rooted it thru the 1st way whee by u will flash something that when u off u fone it wont go straight to the default recovery
    so my problem is this the 1st update rooled out in the infinix lollipop version i didnt update it cos i dont know how to get my default recovery back i really need it and if i flash this update will anything happpen to my phone thanks

    • If I understand what you said, you have custom recovery installed your hot note and you want your follow come recovery which is stock recovery? Well, flashing this update will give you stock recovery since the update is coming from infinix and not custom rom of any such. Use SP Flashtool

  5. I have updated using SP Flashtool and I can say this update can only be bettered by marshmallow 6.0 update.

    Awesome features.
    Amazing lockscreen wallpapers and inspiring quotes.
    I love this update.

    INFINIX bring on 6.0 we are ready.

  6. I have updated mine but the phone is performing very badly and slow sometimes it hooked I have to restart it before continue using it even if I activate high performance function it is still the same what shall I do to make it work normal as before

    • Hello Abubakar
      This particular update is for Hot note and not hot note 2. You'll need to downgrade ur device back to lollipop from Marshmal

  7. When i upgraded mine, i love the interface, its cool, my phone isnt running slow at all… As in its fast, it has ram optimizer, you can set the limit of data u want to use for that day, it has alot of features… Cool ones, its good… Thanks for the update, God bless you real good prof

  8. Pls yomi, i want to use twrp to flash d update on my phone, pls wich of d link do i download? Is it tf card or sp flash

  9. Yomi i need ur help,,, my hot note was rooted, bt nw it has bin uprooted, bt stil i have not bin able to update to d latest OS, & i have downloaded both zip & rare files u uploaded above,, PLZ kindly put me tru on hw to FLASH TOOL & TF CARD,, PLZ plz plz

  10. I'm so sorry for commenting late, I just pray someone will answer, will this work for infinix hot note pro (32 gig 2gig ram) ? I've searched everywhere but no one seems to reply me. Please you guys are my last hope. If you answer can you please very sure

  11. Enter your comment…Good evening. Pls, i need urgent help. I have infinix hot note pro 32+2GB, can i use the one of 16+2GB sp flash tools. Is it going to work on my phone and wont brick it. Thanks


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