Infinix Hot 1GB 16GB Now Available – The Cheapest Device Ever

I just can’t believe my eyes… Infinix Mobility is not taking it easy at all and I’m still wondering if Innjoo can’t
stand this heat. I don’t need Mario Balotelli to tell me that Infinix is up to
something. I had earlier on made a review on this without being sure of the
price; but low and behold, the price is far lesser than what I taught.
Infinix hot with highly exceptional
spec, different colors,  an  improvement to Infinix Zero in terms of
battery life and in all aspect. Maybe I should just allow you all to take a
sleek preview of the spec again.

Hot Spec
Network 3G/2G
OS: Android 4.4.2 Kitkat (Upgradeable)
Dimentions: 142.4*
Display: touch Screen
Processor: Quad core 1.3GHz processor,
Memory: 16GB Rom+ 1GB Ram
Music: MP3, MIDI, AMR, WAV
Video: 3GP, MP4, AVI
Connectivity: WiFi, WiFi Hotspot, USB,
Bluetooth 4.0
Camera: 5.0 IPS Screen M Rear facing
Camera, AF 2.0 MP front camera
Battery: 2000 mAh
Price: #12,900

You can view more of the Picture spec
and colors here
Not only that, but also comes with
12Month free etisalat 500MB (I’m sure imei tweakers are still doing press up). You have varieties of color to choose from and in
the next few hours, it will be up for grab on Konga.  You can also choose the color you want.
View more of the beautiful Infinix Hot pics and price here
Innjoo i1s should be getting set to
clear off the market because the best time to get a new device is now. 
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62 thoughts on “Infinix Hot 1GB 16GB Now Available – The Cheapest Device Ever”

    • Hello Waliy, use framaroot to root your F7, it will take you less than 5min to do that.

      Download framaroot here
      Run and instal it on your device,
      click on SuperSU
      Click on boromir and your device will be rooted.
      Restart your phone and go back to play store and download root checker to verify your root status. That's all.

  1. Pls prof how can I use my mtn bis on my pc using blackberry desktop. Anytime I try to connect it to the internet it connects but does not. Browse on my network icon I will get "internet access".. What do u think is the problem broo… Hear is my number.. So u can add me on whatsapp….just in case..07035462129.. Thanks u sir.. And I use a blackberry curve4

    • You can't use MTN bis with Desktop manager. It doesn't work anymore..But it works with TunnelGuru on PC. with your desktop manager. If you want me to post the settings, comment below… and I'll dive in the settings.

  2. Prof gud evening….i bought and registered my glo sim yesterday by around 6pm but 24 hours later its still not working,i can't make and receive calls or send and receive text messages or browse, whenever I try to make a call, it tells me that i need to register my sim even though d sim is already registered…..pls what do i do?

    • Sorry about that but it simply means that your Glo sim as not been registered. It does like that atimes most especially when the guys that register think the data has been submitted and its actually not submitted.

      Suggestion: Go and re-register it again and it will be fix back to normal sim.

    • Framaroot is the answer to rooting your device. Kindly follow the first commenter on F7 rooting, download the framaroot and follow carefully the procedures.

      Once you've rooted your device, you can easily change your imei with mobile uncle or engineeringmode.apk

  3. Innjoo i1s is now #12000, there no much difference between the two, you forgot to add the battery is not detachable, there is no SD card slot and I hate the fact that it uses micro sim, to me innjoo i1s is somehow better

    • Hello Levi, I saw your mail but I don't know where to post it for you since its' not a blog post. But to make it easier, I have voted you personally from my mobile device, Join the Telegram group, drop your number and I'll ask everyone dir to go and vote you.

      PrinceDelly add Levi Johnson to the telegram group please.

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      So if you have under 40% bounce rate, it means your blog is still oka but over 50% is not good at all.

  4. Prof. I subscribed for bb comonth with my adriod for pass 4days and they gave me 3072mb, i have used about 2gig and when i check balance they well show me 3071mb. Pls i my in saver side, i don't went to finish the 3gig in one week. What will i do

    • Lol, since you can still see 3071 mb, you are on a secure side, just keep flexing it and make sure you always check your data balance often. I pray it turns out to a #MagicGloBis for you.

  5. yomi I have a problem with my Samsung galaxy note 3 SM N9005. The firmware was upgraded to kitkat from 4.3 and since then the imei is null and baseband unknown, making it unable to detect sim and network. I read somewhere that I'll need to backup the EFS folder of a functional note 3 and restore it on mine. Problem is I haven't found the exact same model to back up. I tried doing a factory reset. The problem still persist. When setting it up after factory reset, it continually gives an error message :"Unfortunately Samsung setup wizard has stopped ", and refuse to load to home page, restarting instead. Please help me out on these problems. Thanks.

  6. Somebody is giving out free traffic service on fiverr here is his link, message him and he will promote your product for free.His offer will end on 24/11/2014 and he will start selling his traffic one more can also test and see if you will order for next time.i have work with this guy for sometime now and he gives good quality traffic

    • The Phone has been delayed in release but the spec and price is available on their website. Just follow the link above and sign up for notification when it get in there stock, they'll notify you.

  7. Please Prof I need you to tell me or help me to find out the first eight digit of the new INFINIX HOT

    please some guys have a way of generating imei with their phone without guessing or going to any site
    please Prof any idea about this or How I can go about it

  8. All imei I generated using the analysis app gives a 'device has been used to redeem price already', please help. And I've seen guys that generate on the spot without guessing / calculating, how is it done

  9. pls yomi my glo bb is not working on my phone again since xterday….my apn is still on but it still not working ……pls help

  10. Here's how to generate without calculating or formulating the last 6 digits before the Check Digit, which is the final digit. I'm going to use infinix zero as an example. Here's an IMEI, a valid not-formulated one.355859060395092. Now, prof explained the importance of the first 7 digits(3558590). But the trick to formulating lies in the last 6 digits (039509), this is the serial number. So to get a new 14 digit for the imei analyser replace the last 6 digits with 039510, 039511, 039512, 039513, 039514…. Shey you grab. So, the imei analyser would give you the final digit. Totally formulating the 6 digits won't work(except by luck). So for Phantom Z, get an imei from the phone and keep adding one to the last 6 digits. Please do well to post the imei online if you find a Phantom Z not-formulated imei. [email protected]

  11. no yomiprof….i have not exshausted my mb my 3g is not showing onless i change it to gloflat or glosecure b4 my 3g will start to show… email for ansa [email protected] and my name is chigozie and me on watsapp 07063207805

    • Then something is wrong with your imei tweakiing if it only brings out 3G wen you switch your apn to glosecure. Because in this matter, you don't need glosecure or flat as apn. If its not then forget it.

      Change your imei again perhaps someone else is already using your initial one or you didn't tweak it at all at the initial stage.

  12. goodmorning prof, i just found out you can only do the andriod 2k for 4gb plan once, i tried it again i was refused i called customer care and i was informed you can only do it once, please do you have a way of bypassing that or na so e be…… if na so airtel na scam

    • Mind you oooo, this is just a promo. You can't do it more than once in a month; except you exhaust your initial 4GB before you'll be allowed to do it again. It is only BIS you con do more than once.

  13. Yomiprof pls am very sorry for
    disturbing you and I know am not
    suppose to write. Here but I really
    need your help.pls yomi can u upload
    the jamb 2015/2016 syallble for me
    from 2015/2016 disk.pls help me wen
    my brother bought the jamb for me,
    he wen an collected the 2014/2015
    disk.PLS YOMI.I need the syallble that
    contain what topic i should focus my
    reading on
    English,math,chemistry,physic not the
    brochure.I do not need the brochure
    but I need the syallble of 2015/2016
    jamb.My emails is [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected]

    • I have replied you several times and I don't know why you are not checking the thread you created this questions. Howver,
      Find below a dowload link for your 2015 syllabus below
      Jamb Syllabus 2015

      And if you didn't get what you want their, Kindly walk down to any Jamb class taking tutorial in any location closer to you, and I'm pretty sure, you'll get from that centre.

  14. Please good evening sir I uphgrade my tecno h6 to 5.1 but the problem is I can connect to hotspot but cannot browse with hotspot please help thanks sir


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