Telegram Introduces Silent Messages, Slow Mode, Admin Titles and more

The latest Telegram update introduces Silent Messages, Slow Mode, Admin Titles feature and more.

Silent Messages

Silent Messages feature allows users to send messages without sound. simply hold the Send button and choose to deliver the message or media without sound and the receiver will get a notification as usual, but their phone won’t make a sound even if they forgot to enable the Do Not Disturb mode.

This also works in groups

Slow Mode

This works best to group admin to manage groups by setting up slow mode. When an admin enable Slow Mode, you will only be able to send one message per the interval they choose. A timer will show how long you have to wait before sending your next message.

Slow mode telegram update

It makes group conversation more orderly, and where the group is meant for training, participant will have a specific time interval to drop in their next questions.

Admin Titles

Group owners can now set custom titles for Admins like ‘Meme Queen’, ‘Hammer Head of Horror’, Bouncer etc. Custom titles are shown with every message in the group so members know that they’re talking to the  designated person.

telegram update admin title

Animated Emoji

Animated Emoji is now available for users… to see them simply send love, thumbs up emoji to any chat.

The latest update from Telegram set it apart from other chat messengers.

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  1. Oil dey their developers head.

    They always break ground with their Messenger app, others follow, and they don’t make promise before effecting the innovation like some other app,…… we have been waiting for their dark mode since like forever🙄


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