WhatsApp is developing an Instagram-style Boomerang feature

The popular instant chat app is developing another feature notable to Boomerang-style that would allow users to create looping videos.

Instagram’s Boomerang function allows you to endlessly loop a video backwards and forwards, akin to a GIF. WABetaInfo says the WhatsApp take is similar, allowing you to loop a part of any video that’s less than seven seconds in length.

When the feature is launched (WhatsApp Boomerang), it will be available in the Video Type panel, which usually allows you to choose a video or GIF as the desired format before sending it.

WhatsApp Boomerang
WhatsApp Boomerang

The feature is still in development and there is no given date of release… but definitely an addition to WhatsApp considering how popular the feature is on Instagram.

It will first roll out to iOS users before getting onboard Android platform. Let us know in comment what else you’ll like to see added to WhatsApp.


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