NCC Warn Nigerians, Do Not Use Substandard Phones

Those of you still using substandard phones;
NCC has angrily warned you… Do no use substandard handset. According to NCC,
such handsets are responsible for the various network failure and related
problems they experience during dialing or receiving of calls.

“Consumers should use the handsets outlined in our manual as they have been certified
to be efficient for telecommunication usages.”
“Many consumers complain that their data and
credit are illegally deducted by service providers but they should understand
that smart phones have various complex attributes.
“Smartphones should be switched-off when not
in use as they automatically upgrade themselves and can deduct data in the
I’m sure by now you know all those substandard
smartphones with strange names everywhere.
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10 thoughts on “NCC Warn Nigerians, Do Not Use Substandard Phones”

  1. I urgently need a mifi that supports band 3, 7, 8, 20 and 28.
    I found out that these mifi meets those criteria:
    1. ZTE UFi MF970 LTE Cat 6
    2. ZTE MF910 4G LTE
    Anyone knows where i can get any of them here in Lagos?


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