Are You Having Problem Connecting to Some Site Using Etisalat Network? See The Fix

I’d noticed for quite some days, etisalat network selects
some site it opens and while most of the sites on blogger platform refuses to
open. Each time I try to open any non-secure sites, I always get “this site can’t
be reached”
… I don’t know who else is experiencing this but I think there is a
way out.

I also discovered that the same etisalat network opens well
on my Windows 7 system but refuses to open any sites on my windows 10… it
sounds so strange but something should be wrong somewhere. I decided to try out
a VPN services that mask my IP Address, and it worked out for me. Whatever this ish might be called, its either
you use a VPN Services or you try other network.
If you are using it on system and you are experiencing this.
There are many free vpn you can use like surfEasy vpn or Cloudvpn for Android.
Who else is experiencing this?
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13 thoughts on “Are You Having Problem Connecting to Some Site Using Etisalat Network? See The Fix”

  1. My own problem with it is, even though Etisalat network is strong in my place, streaming and downloading is a no go area. Once u start, it either loads very slowly, doesn't load at all or it disconnects. Don't know what to do…

  2. Mine is Glo. i receive error message that my IP address has been blocked by those site, i can't even login to my own WordPress dashboard. I downloaded and started using Hotspot shield. Is the only VPN i could remember like four days ago, it has been long i used VPN.


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