5 Things I Hate About Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 on Smartphones

I love games most especially Pro Evolution soccer 2017, it
drained my stress, makes me forget about the wrong set of people I meet daily
and most importantly, help me cure bored moment.
These I Love About Pro Evolution Soccer 2017

>>Its Full HD version for Android
>>It comes with a better graphics
>>I control my players in a more unique way
>>It comes with A1 Adaptive function that study how
you play and adapt accordingly
>>It requires Android 4.0 and above to function.
These I HATE About Pro Evolution Soccer 2017
>>It is an online game. Without active internet
connection,  you may not be able to play
>>Despite the facts that I use a device with battery
supports of 4100mah battery, this game called PES 2017 drain the hell out of my battery faster.

>>Exhibition game is not working for me
>>You need to spare additional 256MB to download
>>I sacrificed 1.5GB data to download this game.
In all, it is a wonderful game and I’m still looking forward to
laying my hands on the offline game. Konami has really done a good job.
Those of you that have tried it out, share your experience
with us.
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25 thoughts on “5 Things I Hate About Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 on Smartphones”

  1. Prof—pls ooo—dis is out of thread—-do you know Black Friday is @ d corner Nov 25th—i want ask, can yu guess d amount of discount dat will be deducted frm infinix note 2,note 3,hot 4 pro and hot s—-pls i need ur reply–

    • Even Infinix Agent cannot answer this question you just ask become for deduction to be made The first is
      1. The price of the phone at that moment
      2. The demand for the Phone
      3. and others they can't change

      After all thing are met before they know what discount will be put for the above device

  2. I dont kinda like playing Soccer on phone, maybe i should just say i don't play soccer on phone. Though, i do play PES 16 and winning eleven on PC but i prefer games that are in the Genres of "Shooter, RPG, Flying, Action" especially GUNSHIP BATTLE and WARSHIP on phone–less battery consumption.

    BTW, i am kinda confused here, you said you downloaded it with 1:5GB and an additional 200 MB for commentary, and you said it's an Online game because that should work in an offline mode. I believe only some special part of it are online just like the Gunship game.
    Anyway, Goodmorning Mr Yomi.

    • The game is about 930mb. Buh upon extracting you get that much size

      About the online aspects, its just like fifa 16, you need internet to connect to the game before you can play, that being said, it doesn't lag and it works smoothly

      Now commentary on the other hanf is 254mb which you have to download separately, to download that you can launch the game and go to settings, then sounds settings.. There you be able to download.

      Hope say I try small

  3. Yomi, why don't u try first touch 2017 game. I don't know what to say, but 2017 First touch game is too good for me… I use C8 but the battery doesn't drain out.

    • Original firsttouch 17 is not out yet still firsttouch2015 modded I need good soccer game on my phone
      FIFA 2014 still the best you play all league but you can't sign any player
      FIFA 2015 & 16 online
      All firsttouch soccer including dream league
      You can select the club you want
      Pes 2012 old game
      Pes 2017 online also no virtual keypad
      So still waiting for good soccer game

    • Look at tbis my oga ooo.. Whats crap?? Probably yow downloaded the moded old pes 17, pls you need to download the lates HD PES 2017 ahhhh you will come back and say Jesus is Lord.. You can download here

  4. I've downloaded the game but the commentary didn't download.. I wasted data downloading it several times and when it's finished.. it cancels itself. pls oga yomi provide a link for me to download the commentary online please……


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