What iPhone Features Android Users Wish They had – See what others think

It is weekend people and here is what Android users think about iPhone features they wish they had on their device.

It is no longer news that most of the companies that followed Apple’s lead (or just blatantly copied Apple and stole all of the iPhone’s best design features) remain players in the market today.

The companies that feels too proud to copy Apple leads are no more today, industry giants like Nokia, Microsoft and Blackberry. Yes, Nokia and Blackberry completely collapsed, and the company don’t even exist anymore as they did back then.

iphone features andriod wish they had

However, an interesting thread popped up on Reddit this week on what iPhone features Android users wish they had;

>>Many Android users would like to be able to tap the status bar to automatically scroll to the top of the page. While those who are into customizing their Android phones might be able to find a root app that will do this, others say that with the size of smartphone screens today, why bother stretching.

>>One person responding to the question said that he is jealous of the way that the iPhone pairs with other Apple devices without having to setup anything. This same person also notes that many apps are launched on iOS, run better on iOS and get updates first.

Lastly, he wishes that Android had a messaging feature like Apple’s iMessage. The iPhone messaging app is a feature that many Android users said that they are jealous of.

>>Some Android users also would love to be able to record the screen with internal audio like iPhone users can, and many covet the mute switch on the iPhone.

>>One Android user is jealous of the lack of bloatware pre-installed by manufacturers/carriers on the iPhone. On some Android devices, the Facebook app cannot be removed without rooting the phone.

There’s plenty more in the thread, and we definitely recommend checking it out.

Over to you, what iPhone features do you wish you have on your Android device? And what Android features do wish you had on your iPhone smartphone?

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23 thoughts on “What iPhone Features Android Users Wish They had – See what others think”

  1. No matter how you paint it, no matter how you defend it, iPhone is still the king despite the price. Since when I’ve been using my iPhone 6s, no any form of bloatware of any kind. WhatsApp on iOS always update on time before Android.

  2. Why imessages? When there’s Google Android messages that does same thing as the imessageI don’t need it , android messages is ok for me I can’t spend about 240k just to get an iphone just for imessage of a thing afterall not many people use that product. Am fine using an android smartphone I wish I can afford pixel3?

  3. For me I think Iphone has a better operating system than android, it is fluid and more pleasing to the eye. For android the customization freedom it gives the user and the ability to directly share items with another android user is an edge over iPhone but I have to say this, I have tasted the best of both worlds, for me iOS is a king….. android still has a lot to do to get to its level.

  4. Yomi, you should know better than what you’re saying. You are an iPhone user, so I will assume, if not, Apple actually copies others, not vise versa.

    Dual camera, wireless charging, air pods (try wireless/Bluetooth headphones), sleek design, water display, retina scan, facia recognition were never Apple’s idea in a bit. Do your research well and see how HTC, SONY, LG pop up.

    Nokia and blackberry are struggling bcos they refused to embrace Android when it was getting popular and not bcos they didn’t copy designs.

    This is junk!

  5. @Ahmed Hassan WhatsApp Beta has solved that for us using Android phones. We both get the updates as soon as it’s rolled out before others that are using the normal version of WhatsApp… If you get a better Android phone, you won’t even think of any Apple(iphone).

  6. I like those features. Snother thing I like about iPhone is their Facebook. It’s better than of android. But then iPhone doesn’t have the Bixby on my phone. It doesn’t have smart select :Rectangle , oval, animation, pin to screen. Apps Edge and people Edge. IPhone doesn’t have dual messenger.

  7. I really enjoyed iphone, especially how fluid the interface and carrying out tasks is.
    Now am stuck with Nokia 8 which serves me very well, no bloatware as its android one. Looking to upgrade to Nokia 8 sirocco

  8. It’s a debate that can go on for long, it depends on which side you are, i used the ipad(similar to iphone) and i also used andriod. They both have their strength and weakness as andriod allows a lot of customization than Iphone on the other hand i can’t deny the user experience you get from the apple product.
    I believe in the end, it all boils down to what we need. Those features highlighted above count so little for me.
    My conclusion is while iphone has its strength, it doesn’t justify the huge price gap , while andriod present a viable option.

  9. I am using an iPhone XS Max and mehn it’s great device lets just accept the fact iOS is just the best ..no slagging or loading

  10. IOS is the best on one ☝️ condition, there OS is not used by other product and it will never be used in future.
    Android is just like open source, many can come in and out, it’s has no or little control by the owner, and the security is not as secure as Apple OS.
    Any thing or junks can be install on android without or little prevention from google.
    It’s a pain in the as before you can jailbreak your Iphone and immediately or before a jailbreak is rolled out Apple has block the exploits.
    So in a simple explanation.
    Iphone ? is secured much more than android


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