R.I.P Windows Phone – Microsoft Confirmed Windows Phone is Dead

This is indeed a bad news for Windows Phone users as Microsoft
confirmed Windows phone gradually heading down to the grave. Joe Belfiore Microsoft
VP in series of tweet said we know that
Windows 10 Mobile is also slowly but steadily heading to the product graveyard
of Microsoft.

The Microsoft VP, responsible for the mobile OS said that
Microsoft will keep supporting the platform with bug fixes, but no new features
or hardware will be introduced.

Microsoft confirms windows phone is dead
But Why?
Microsoft V.P Joe Belfiore explains why He says that
developers never really backed the platform and Microsoft could not find
partners to work with. Along with the low number of users, (it seems most
Windows users ported to Android and iOS platform).
Windows phone 8.1 is dead
Unfortunately, Windows 10 get into Paragraph 22 a situation
in which there is no return. A grave yard in which there is no resurrection.
This is one of the reason why Microsoft decided to open up its Edge browser
exclusive to Windows alone to other Android and iOS platform.
Windows Phone 8.1 is over. R.I.P Windows Phone!
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15 thoughts on “R.I.P Windows Phone – Microsoft Confirmed Windows Phone is Dead”

  1. They brought it on them selves when they locked down the OS telling developers to pay I think 90 USD to unlock their devices for development. Same issue that led symbian to its grave.


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