How to Activate WhatsApp Call For All Blackberry & Window Phones

Wow! I’m very sure you all know why I had to exclaimed wow…
the week has been stressful for me, couple with election Saga… I know you know
the result already… Let me be mute for now!
This particular post is for all blackberry users and Window
users. Its no longer news that you can make WhatsApp call on Android. I’m
pretty much sure that all android devices are now WhatsApp call activated. If
you are not activated, then you are in for a long thing.

Blackberry users have actually being sidelined for a very
long time without any updates from WhatsApp, but I’ve got a good news for you,
you can now activate your WhatsApp call features on all Blackberry phones and on
Window phones. 
How Can I activate WhatsApp Call on Blackberry & Window

===>Make sure you have the latest version of WhatsApp installed on your device or otherwise go to appworld and updates your WhatsApp
==>Once your Whatsapp is updated, Drop your number using
the comments section, so that someone with active WHatsapp call can pass a call
across to you or me.
Do You Know…

You can save call credit by making use of WhatsApp call…
Regardless of the country where you are based, don’t waste any more airtime, let WhatsApp call do the Job.
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  1. Whatsapp has really tried a lot.. I think. Android can now have calling feature without someone calling. I downloaded latest whatsapp I saw it without someone calling me.


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