#5 Proven Steps To Build Wealth As A Students

How to
Build  Wealth As A Student
I can tell you this, that one of the best thing in  life is to
be a student. If you aren’t a student, and you are not planning to be, I tell
you, you miss a lot. The bad thing is that, you can’t be a student forever.
While you are still a student, its better to utilize your student hood before it
will pass by. In my little adventure into the life of student-hood, I discovered
that students are the most wealthy people, and they can be broke at times like
no man business.
School is not only an environment for learning, but also an
environment for business. Those who do business while in school have an edge
over those who don’t do at all. I still find it difficult to believe that
students can run broke.. to me, this is insane. I know you will be wondering
what is this guy saying? How can you be in the midst of over 50,000  student and you are still running out of cash?

In my third year, i stumble upon some mind blowing ideas, and
I’m about to shock you with those ideas. Before you proceed, it is paramount to
consider this; If you are a student and you still remain broke after reading
this writeup, please don’t visit this blog again because its not for you.
Well this ideas are going to shock you pretty bad, it will
beat your imagination.
1.      Photography:
This is simply the act of taking photograph. We all have photographs in our
houses, perhaps the ones we took while in high school. Do you know that
students can’t do without taking a snap shot? Do you know that Photographer
earn in a week what bankers earn in a month? Do you know that you can do this
business? Beauty is appreciated more when displayed in albums. Many people as
neglected this aspects of wealth creation, and dived into what is not relevant.
Now lets take a simple mathematical calculation of this; if take snap shot of
20 students at the rate of 200 a day, how much will that give you? Am sure you
are already leaking your tongue. Do the calculation for a month and see how
much you will earn.
2.      Football
I am pretty sure that football is one of the most popular game in the
world, and at-least 70% of students will do all they can to watch the current
football trends. People can sacrifice a lot for the sake of football. The
highest fan of any club are students. You can simply use this to build your own
wealth without wasting time. You can start by renting an apartment, and with at least two television, and subscribe to DSTV, you are good to go. In no
distant time you will be smiling to the bank. After the initial investment, you
will just be reaping the fruit of your hard earn labour.
3.      Sales of
Designers Wear:
If you are looking for the latest trending dress, fashion in
town, I will simply refer you to go to the campus. I remembered so well as a
student, I do change my wardrobe every new semester. And am sure you know how
much that cost me. Even models are selected first from campus to represent the
outside world. I bet you, if you can create an avenue for selling wears on
campus, you should be on your way to being the Warren Buffet of our time.
4.      Binding Projects:
Though this particular idea is seasonal… but the I bet you will make urge
amount of money from it. Final year students spend huge amount of money  binding their projects, even writing projects
for people. You can even start selling projects ideas to final year  students. All you need to do here is to
select different topics, develop it and get set to smile to bank. You don’t
need money to make money, you need ideas to make money.
5.      Organise
Specific Mathematics Class:
Although, this is not for every body because many
are feeble when it comes to world of mathematics. It has been proven that
virtually about 75% of Business student don’t flow with mathematics, most
especially Nigerian students. You can simply take advantage of this and create
a unique tutorial class, and get paid for it as a student. Imaging the total
numbers of business students who offer mathematical course, but don’t know
mathematic? Imaging the total number students traffic you will generate every
single day. Common you are a wealthy student.
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