Express WiFi Launches in Ghana

Express WiFi is a Wi-Fi service promoted by Facebook that is aimed at providing affordable internet access to under-served communities around the world. So, far Express WiFi has launched in Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Indonesia, India, and now Ghana.

In partnership with Vodafone Ghana,  Express Wi-Fi has launched in Ghana. Hotspots have already reportedly been deployed in a few areas within Accra, including Nima, Maamobi, Pigfarm, Jamestown and Abossey Okai. 

According to reports, 100 megabytes of data on the service costs GH₵ 1.00  ($0.19) while 1 gigabyte costs GH₵ 5.00 ($0.95).

In Nigeria, you can get 300MB for N100, 3.5GB for N800 or 10GB for N1900. Express Wi-Fi is a cheaper way to get onto the internet than mobile data packs (2G/3G/4G).

Express Wifi by Facebook
Express Wifi by Facebook

Express Wi-Fi customers will be able to purchase fast, affordable data packs to access the internet via local hotspots (Wi-Fi Fast Internet Zone).

It appears a lot of people are not aware of it in Nigeria probably because is not visible in every location. Let us know if you are using Express WiFi in your location.

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18 thoughts on “Express WiFi Launches in Ghana”

  1. They have not covered the whole street in Lagos oo
    I don’t think they can go far jare, if you compared them to our GSM? companies ?

  2. Sometimes i wish am staying in Victoria Island. There, u can get hundreds of wifi. I don’t know about express wifi. They should make it available for everyone.

  3. we neva see am for here ooo.

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