ATTENTION! Larawith me is Sick

Hello guys, this post might be coming late but it’s just an
update on Lara with me. There was an attack on it on telegram and for the past
days, it has not been paying. Some user gang up against it and report it as a
scam bot which is not true. Larawith me was paying daily and constantly before
the massive attack. 

Telegram from their end deactivated the automatic paying
feature and the manual payment is not working as expected due to huge
For now Lara with me is sick and the creator promised to
bring it back in 10 to 14 days. So I’ll advice anyone not to invest in it for
now until she fully recovered from the attack.
Larawithme was not the only bot that was affected,
was equally affected. So do not invest your money in or Larawith me
for now. It is not wise to do that.
Thank you.
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32 thoughts on “ATTENTION! Larawith me is Sick”

  1. I still don't understand why my brother up there will invest $500 in a bot in this Buhari regime Ahhhhhhhh… K sha I respect you all ooo… That being said pls bro yomi pls any idea how much GTB Charges Per dollar via PayPal??? Trying to purchase a plug-in for My blog

  2. But Uncle Yomi, because lara is paying doesn't mean its not a scam ooooo.
    Though i never said its a scam but dont vouch for lara and be telling us its not a scam, for you saying that some people can empty there bank account and put it on lara just because uncle yomi said so

  3. Mr. Yomi, thanks for your usual updates. More greese to ur elbow. #GodBless …Meanwhile, I have a newly discovered money making platform and I'd like to discuss it with you first..when u see the light in the business, I believe you'll write and post on it. Where can we talk pls?

  4. Woooowww..I have bin yearning for this update.thanks prof. I equally invested in coinr and larawithme as well. The fact remains that if they both don't payback our investment or returns, all fine and good. We won't stop risking and investing at all, not even now… Any other online investment opportunities, bring it on ? ? ?… We are damn ready.. But meanwhile, we hope they both come back****

  5. Chai Lara den Don patch patch if unable see her now I'm no fit recognize her again

    Chatting straight from the ER section of port Elizabeth UK…

  6. semajez you are very correct I lost more than 60k but if another one surface tommorow I will go for it. all I know is one day luck will smile on me

  7. This Lara of a thing is known as HYIP.I lost about 400,000 naira around 2009 with stuff like this.Its profitable but very volatile. Whenever they stop paying and tell you they had one attack or another,forget about it,they've stopped paying for good.If you have the balls,look for another program and invest early enough to make profit.But as for this one,flush!


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