Android 4.4 Launcher Extracted & Available For Download

Just of recent, Google lunched
Android OS version 4.4, the interface is quite different and even better than
the previous version lunched. But at the moment, it’s only available for the
brand new Nexus 5. Among the changes found on the latest Android version is a
new and improved launcher.

The launcher now allows easy access to Google Now as
well as home screen management via simple swiping gestures. Users can now also
have an unlimited number of home screens etc.

Android 4.4 Launcher is said to work with any Android device
running Android Jelly Bean. Before you’ll be able to use Android 4.4 launcher on
your device, you must installed Google Now and Google Play services. Google
play services seems to be having some issues after installations that triggers
a force close; so to fix this issues,do the following below;
==> long press the home screen to get to the Settings
==> Select the Voice settings and change the language
default to something else.
==> Go back to Home and do any Google Search. Repeat the
previous steps but now select English – US as the default language.
Where Can I Download Android 4.4 Launcher?
Download Android 4.4 launcher here
Download Google Now here
Download Google search here
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