Update On Etisalat, Airtel & Mtn Bis Subscription On Non BB Device

It has been an awesome season all together and every one I guess
has been wonderful. Just a point of note, if your Etisalat 3G is still looking
at you like locuzade boost, call customer care and your 1k will be refunded back
to you. I called their customer care and I was told Bis complete is no longer

compactible with bb phones. I don’t know how true it is but I sub with a friend
bb torch but it was activated so his money was refunded.

At the moment, it’s high time to kiss etisalat bis on non bb
device goodbye. Airtel bis still rocks on non bb device including the 2+1
package which gives you 6GB, 4GB and 2GB respectively. Those who have been
thinking of subscribing, you can go ahead and make your subscription. And if it’s
mtn night plan that current gives you extra 1.5GB to use during the day is what
you want, you  can still go ahead and
activate it.
At the moment, every tweaking means has been blocked… Hoping
for a better loophole in  2014.
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16 thoughts on “Update On Etisalat, Airtel & Mtn Bis Subscription On Non BB Device”

  1. Na wa o…though the etisalat remaining mb still they work (652mb)…but airtel na nonsense for my area…prof yomi,can i try a day plan as soon as this work i mean the bis with the bb 10…if it's going to work.

  2. i want to subscribe for airtel 4gb is telling me ineligible. any help? and i need the code for airtel 6gb so that i can try that too

    Thank u

    • I guess your sim as not been circumcise by airtel that is why you are not eligible. Just go for the 2Gb plan or the 6GB plan. this is the code for the 6GB plan dial *440*016#

  3. prof tnx soo much for helping us with cheap browsing throughout the year… i'm stil having 1 gig plus on my etisalat bis which is still working, please is it guaranteed that it wont stop working until the mb is exausted..so as to know how to use the remaining.

  4. Managing my glo bis on pc for now tho.But i exhaust the 3 gig under 2 days.Im almost completely broke so no new year outing for me.CHOI ABEG FIND UNLIMITED CHEAT FOR WE HEAVY DOWNLOADERS OO PROF

    • Even if it's going to stop this year, so long you successfully subscribe before it stop, your data will still remain until it is exhausted within that 3month

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